Senior News Turns Sweet 16 – Celebrates with New Website!

The Senior News has turned Sweet 16! It’s time to party! Get ready for a year of celebrating, with live events to thank the community, including business supporters and honoring the Over-50 crowd. Guarantee that that you receive your participation instructions. There will be some big announcements being made. The first one is right here in this article. Keep on reading…

Big Announcement #1 – New Website Launched!

By now you know the new “mystery” website name… It’s easy and free to subscribe to receive timely email announcements. Just read on for more information.

Senior News owner Trina Siverts has been working hard to make sure this new website blows your socks off. The new name is easier for you to remember (and spell). There are exciting surprise features of interest to you, plus some that are just plain practical.

  • Save Time and Gas Money. You now have faster access to articles and photos online. Senior News, Jess Ranch Bulletin and High Desert Community News articles will be published on the website before the printed versions hit the streets. (Don’t panic: the print versions will still be published and distributed as before).
  • It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Website. This is YOUR modern, easy-to-use, informative website, encompassing great features that readers have asked for. You’ll get better events coverage, access to hundreds of event photos, plus a lot more. You’ll still get the same local “good” news, great resources, and things to do as published in the print versions.
  • Surprise Elements to Enjoy. Like books? There will be book reviews, on subjects chosen to uplift and entertain you. Like to shop? Watch for some special ways to find items you need. Want photos? Per your request, you’ll be able to see and download photos of you and your friends for your personal use.
  • Weekly Updates – The website will be updated weekly. Be sure to check back often. Plan your week around fun and exciting things. And, be sure to tell your friends so they don’t miss out!
  • E-Subscriptions – Receive your electronic Senior News in PDF format with a free e-subscription. You’ll also receive notices when interesting news occurs, and whenever an interesting new event is discovered.

You can still read the printed newspaper every month, however you may miss out on some events if you aren’t receiving the email blasts! Sign up for email blasts by giving your email address. “Like” the “Senior News” on Facebook. And “Follow” us at “Sivertspub” on Twitter.Last, but not least! You’ll be able to subscribe to the new weekly publications, Desert News Post. A departure from our mostly positive coverage, it takes a more “newsy” approach. Get your local, county, state and federal government updates, events, and opinions from organizations that the mainstream media may not offer. We’ll report on special interests like the Tea Party and other political activists, social concerns, environmental, economic, educational, historical, animal rights and other subjects.

Be sure you are kept up-to-date! It’s easy and free. Just go to the “Contact Us” page, and supply your email address! If you don’t have your own email, get your friend, daughter, son, cousin, nephew or grandchild to supply theirs. You won’t want to miss out!


Veterans Day Ceremonies Held in Victorville and Hesperia

Veterans Day in the High Desert is memorialized each year with two local events: A parade and ceremony in Victorville, and a ceremony later in the day at Hesperia Lake Park. The 17th annual Veterans Day parade flowed down 7th Street on November 11, with hundreds of spectators gath- ered. Marching bands, walking groups, floats, vintage cars and military vehicles took part. All military service branches were represented. A one-mile run preceded the parade.

Prisoners of War in the High Desert were honored at the Vic- torville ceremony. Four local POWs were identified, with only Col. Tony Marshall, in attendance. The ceremony took place on 7th Street near the statue called The Price of Freedom, based on casualties from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and Iraq. It depicts the Universal Soldier statue at the corner of Forrest Avenue.  The names inscribed on it belong to those who had graduated or attended the campus across the street (now Uni- versity Preparatory School).

Victorville Mayor Jim Cox, Congressman Paul Cook, and San Bernardino County 1st District Supervisor Robert Lovingood spoke during the event. The Victor Valley High School Air Force JROTC, VVHS band and California Cadet Corps all participated. Four local residents who have been identified as prisoners of war were honored in a special presentation. Vietnam veteran Col. Tony Marshall (Air Force, Ret.) was the only one of the four POWs in attendance, and he was recognized by Cook for his service.

Lovingood and Rebecca Tennison representing State Senator Steve Knight also honored Marshall.  Some of the parade entries were Disabled Ameri- can Veterans, VVHS band, San Bernardino County Fire Department, the High Desert Marines and Viet- nam Veterans of America.

Keep Moving! Be Immune to Inactivity

The World Health Organization has called inactivity the second-leading risk factor for non-communicable diseases and the fourth-leading risk factor for global mortality. In the United States, inactivity has helped contribute to the fact that 35.9 percent of adults age 20 years and over are obese, as well as 18 percent of adolescents and children ages 6-19.

With risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and more, it’s important to make sure you get enough exercise and activity to stay healthy. Here are some tips to help you keep moving.

Do Something Aerobic Every Day. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week. If you break it down, that’s just over 20 minutes a day of activities like walking, water aerobics, riding a bike, or pushing a lawnmower. Want to cut that down even further? If you bump the exercise up to vigorous intensity, you can cut the time in half. Vig- orous-intensity activities include jogging or running, swimming laps, and playing basketball or tennis.

Add Muscle-Strengthening Activities. Lifting weights, working with resistance bands, and doing body-weight resistance exercises, heavy yard work, or yoga are all considered by the CDC to be important muscle- strengthening activities. The recommendation is to get this type of exercise at least twice a week to the point where your muscles are tired.

If you focus on setting realistic goals and getting just a bit of exercise each day, you’ll be on your way to meeting the requirements in no time. Find exercises and activities that you enjoy doing, and it won’t seem like such a burden. Plus, you’ll feel great about reduc- ing the risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle. So get a plan, get out there, and get moving!

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