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Brainstorming 4 Us Holds 10th Annual Walk, Run or Roll 4 Thought

The 10th annual Walk, Run or Roll 4 Thought 5k walkathon was held at Victor Valley College on March 19.

The event raises awareness about traumatic brain injury, aneurysm, stroke or any attack on the brain. The goal of Brainstorming 4 Us is to bring public attention to the incidence and the consequences of brain injury, and to support activities and legislation related to brain injury.

Some of the funds raised go towards Brain Injury Resource Bags that are placed at trauma centers throughout California for distribution to families who are suddenly introduced to brain injury by the dreaded emergency phone call.

The group helps organize support groups for survivors and caregivers of brain injury, and also educates the public, schools, police departments and the medical community on the reality of life after a brain injury.

For more information visit:, or call (760)946-2481.


Association of Realtors Meeting Speaker Gives Tax Tips

HDAOR March 2016 General Meeting

The High Desert Association of Realtors (HDAOR) held their monthly meeting at the Green Tree Inn. The organization recently had to move into a temporary office in Victorville after their Hesperia office received some damage.

The membership discussed the damaged building and whether to repair it or go ahead with a remodel that has been under discussion for several years.

HDAOR President Serena Whyte asked the crowd what they thought, and consensus appeared to lean towards doing the full remodel, as the building is quite old and the association has the money saved to cover the cost. Bids are being accepted for the construction work.

New Realtor members were recognized, along with new Affiliate members.

Speaker CPA Jim Quinn talked about taxes, after telling a few jokes about the boring personality of a CPA. His main focus was on deductions, and specifically pointed out that travel, transportation, meals and lodging is the one area where people have to be particularly careful about recordkeeping. He said the IRS will not allow the deductions for these items if you do not keep good records. He also said tax on long-term capital gains may increase, and could spur real estate sales. He also talked about tax-free property exchanges in California requiring a new form to be filed (Form 3840).

The HDAOR is helping get the word out about Hesperia’s new landlord ordinance, and meetings are scheduled throughout the year to help educate people, and also promote the Neighborhood Watch program.

A cake and cookie raffle ended the meeting on a “sweet” note, and was lots of fun, with Linda West dressed as a hobo acting as the auctioneer.

If you are interested in joining the HDAOR, visit their temporary office at 14281 Seventh St., Victorville, or call (760) 244-8841.


Public Outreach – Making Neighborhoods Safer


The HDAOR is participating in an information spreading campaign to get the word out about two programs.

Any rental property within the city limits of Hesperia is now required to participate in the Crime Free Rental Housing Program. This new ordinance covers property owners/management companies of residential single-family or multi-family rental property, and tenants who occupy rental properties.

For questions, contact Karen Hunt at (760) 947-1500, or attend a free meeting on March 23 at 3 & 6pm.

Neighborhood Watch (NW): With assistance from the Crime Prevention staff at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s, HDAOR provides information and resources on how to start and maintain a NW group. Crime prevention is the best way to help keep our homes and our neighborhoods safe.

One of the most effective crime prevention tools is NW. It is simply an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood.

The HDAOR is hosting a FREE, public meeting on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. at their office at 14281 7th Street, Victorville. Call (760) 244-8841 for information. and we invite you to come and receive information and resources to start and maintain a healthy Neighborhood Watch program.


The HDAOR Office Relocated!

14281 7th Street Victorville, CA 92395

Due to heavy rains that we have been experiencing this year and intrusion of water into the building, an investigation was undertaken by professional environmental consultants, and their report found organisms traditionally associated with mold may be present in the walls of the building. The Association has committed to remediating any potential mold condition, and until environmental consultants certify the building has met remediation standards, the employees will be relocated and membership and public events will not be hosted in the building.

Town Seeks Appointment of Receiver for Hilltop House

On Friday, January 8, 2016, the Town of Apple Valley filed a Complaint with the San Bernardino Superior Court seeking the appointment of a receiver for the Hilltop House Property to remediate a long list of significant code violations.

The Hilltop Property was previously owned by Newton T. “Newt” Bass, one of the founding fathers of Apple Valley. In the 1950’s Newt Bass hired Francisco Artigas, a prominent Mexican architect, to design and build the house.

Over the years, the Hilltop House has fallen into disrepair, has become a magnet for all sorts of criminal activity and acts of mischief, and has suffered damage from fires set by vandals and vagrants.

OK Doyle purchased the Property at a tax sale in 2000, and then deeded it to the current owner, 360 Apple West, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation. Since that time, there have been no serious efforts to restore or even properly maintain the Hilltop Property. The Town has deemed the Property a public nuisance, and issued a Notice and Order to 360 Apple West LLC to correct the numerous substandard conditions at the Property, and 360 Apple West failed to respond to such Notice.

The Town seeks the appointment of a receiver to abate the nuisance conditions. If appointed, the receiver will explore all viable possibilities for abating the nuisance conditions. These possibilities include restoration of the home by the receiver, sale of the property to an investor or other entity with the capital to restore the home, and demolition of the structures (if rehabilitation is not economically feasible based on its current condition).

The Town’s decision to purse a receiver is based on the recognition that the property owner is either unwilling and/or incapable of correcting the nuisance conditions, after 15 years of owning the Property and not taking any action to restore it.

Finally, the Town believes the appointment of a receiver, who by law is required to act as a neutral and in the best interests of the receivership estate, provides important safeguards for both the Town and the property owner. “The receiver has a duty to act as would a prudent person caring for his or her own property,” said Charisse Smith, Special Receivership Counsel.

Ms. Smith explains that a receiver is an officer of the court, appointed to take possession of the property and to rehabilitate it according to the orders of the court: “The Hilltop Property will remain under the court’s control and continuous supervision … the receiver will have to seek specific instructions from the court before taking any action that hasn’t been previously authorized by court order.” “The Town’s primary goal is to make sure the Hilltop Property complies with the same standards that apply to the rest of community as a whole” said Ms. Smith.

For more information, contact Charisse Smith, Special Receivership Counsel for the Town of Apple Valley at 909-257-0650.