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High Desert Is Fortunate To Have Point Man International Ministries In Our Community

Image : Michael BrewerPoint Man International Ministries is a Christian Veteran Advocacy non-profit organization formed in 1984 in the State of Washington by some Army Special Forces Vietnam Veterans. They identified very early on the need for a spiritual dimension in the dealing and healing from the rigors of war. The organization was initially established to support Vietnam Veterans and their families, but has since expanded to reach soldiers and veterans of all wars. The healing power of the message of Jesus Christ is at the core of their mission as they the message of freedom, hope, and reconciliation to their brothers in arms, through education, one on one counseling, support groups, retreats , workshops and conferences.
Unlike other victims of traumas, war veterans carry scars that few humans ever experience. While the ministry of Point Man is helping veterans, “make peace with the past,” most all the Outpost Leaders have experienced some form of combat and the residual Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, allowing them a unique bonding trait with a gifted ability to literally walk “point,” with a combat veteran on a patrol to a newly liberated life.  Point Man appreciates all of the Outreach programs now offered across the nation, be they the Veterans Administration or the panoply of non-profits. PMIM simply wishes to add the spiritual dimension to the healing process which by their faith believe is the way to “the peace that surpasses all understanding.”

We are most fortunate to have one of those long standing Outposts in Hesperia,California. The additional plum, is that the State of California Coordinator, Alan Kumlin, heads that Outpost.

Point Man International Ministries Hesperia Outpost meets every Tuesday at 7pm at Hesperia Community Church 16775 Olive St and “C” St. For more information visit the website, “” or call Alan Kumlin at 760-244-4168
email: “”


High Desert Hispanic Chamber Community Summit

Hispanic Chamber to Host State of Hispanic Community Summit

According to the 2010 census, there are 329,345 residents of the five cities/town that comprise the Mojave River Valley, nearly 45% are Hispanic.

On Thursday, September 24th, the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HDHCC) will host its first-ever State of the Hispanic Community Summit, called Conexión.

The purpose of Conexión is to inform our community on the impact that Hispanics have on the Mojave River Valley by providing the latest facts, figures and trends.  Expert speakers will cover several topics including spending, education, media, immigration and vital demographics.

This event will provide key insight to the implications of these issues, not advocating on their behalf, which will help engage the Hispanic community.

Iris Gutierrez, HDHCC Director and co-chair of the Conexión committee, said that, “We hope this event will help our local business owners, elected officials, and community as a whole,  better understand how to connect with the growing Hispanic population.”

Attendees will learn answers to important questions such as: Do Latinos respond better to advertisements in English or Spanish?  How much will the Hispanic population grow in the coming years? Why is it important to know and understand the Hispanic community?

Sponsored by Edible Arrangements, Conexión begins at 9:00 A.M. with panel discussions and presentations, followed by lunch and the keynote address at Noon. Admission is $35 per person and is open to the public.

For more information call the HDHCC office at 760-241-6661 or visit

Apple Valley Marine Corps League Newly Chartered As Victor Valley Marine Corps League

Image: Veteran Veritas LogoThe Apple Valley Marine Corps League, Detachment 1383, founded in 2011 and chartered in 2102 by a group of 25 local Marines, has changed its name and charter to Victor Valley Marine Corps League, so as have a broader representation in the High Desert.

The Marine Corps League is the only Federally Chartered Marine Corps related veterans organization in the nation. There are numerous informal organizations with Marine affiliations, most all doing a stellar job of promoting camaraderie, traditions and civic involvement. The High Desert is fortunate to have one of those non-profit Marine affiliated groups in the High Desert Marines. Their volunteer involvement in the community is laudable and they do a spectacular job of hosting the Annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball every year in November.

By contrast the Marine Corps League simply has a different mission and a more aged tradition. It takes great pride in crediting its founding in 1923 to World War l hero, then Major General Commandant John A Lejeune. It takes equal pride in its Federal Charter, approved by an act of the Seventy-Fifth Congress of the United States of America and signed and approved by Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 4, 1937.

The prime authority of the League is derived from its Congressional Charter and its annual Convention held each August in different major U.S Cities throughout the nation. We are part of the Southwest Division which just met in Scottsdale, Arizona this month. The Southwest Division also meets annually at the Marine Expo West at Camp Pendleton Marine Base. The Expo is a huge showcase of the Defense Industry and vendors who support the effort of the Marines Corps on a global basis. The League is a registered 501( c ) (4) not-for-profit organization.

Legislative Program
The Marine Corps League is a member of The Military Coalition and participates in National and State legislative issues that affect military readiness. For the past 78 years and seeded by General Lejeune, the League has been a strong advocate for all things related to the core issues of the Marine Corps, both active duty and retired. Its charter gives them a voice and seat at the table that is not frequently afforded other volunteer groups.
The benefit of the monthly magazine, “Semper Fi,” keeps the membership abreast of all activity and civic involvement in all 50 States.

Young Marines Program
A youth program emphasizing , honesty,courage, respect, industry, loyalty, dependability and a sense of devotion to God and country, community and family. The Young Marines program receives funding from Congress and the United States Marine Corps primarily because of their drug interdiction focus on drug education and prevention. The Victor Valley Marine Corps League Detachment #1383 sponsors a Young Marine Program and its Unit Commander is the local Commandant of the Detachment, Mr Tom Weber a former Marine Helicopter Pilot and Director of the local Army Corps of Engineers.

Scholarship Program
Members of the Marine Corps League fund scholarships through donations from individual members and subordinate units of the Marine Corps League and Auxiliary. Children and former Marines are eligible for academic scholarships for attendance at accredited colleges and universities.

Veteran Service Officer Program
This program requires an affiliation with a Federally charted Veteran Service organization. The National Headquarters retains a full time staff member who assists veterans in adjudicating claims against the government as a result of active duty service. Claims are processed through the Department of Veteran Affairs or other appropriate agencies of the Federal Government. On a local basis the assistance is via a DSO; Volunteer Department Service Officer.

Wounded Marines Program
The Wounded Marines Program works closely with the Wounded Warrior Regiment. The scope of support encompasses financial support, visits from MCL members. off site day trips to include family outings, dinners, short trips in support of individual Marines needs.

Military Order of Devil Dogs
The fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League. The Military Order of Devil Dogs was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1939 at the National Convention. The name “Devil Dog,” was applied to the Marines by the Germans during World War l, because of their ferocious fighting at Bellau Woods and Chateau Thierry, where the gallant Fifth and Sixth Regiments were spearheads of the Allied Counter-attack that smashed the German drive on Paris. The Devil Dogs embody to the fullest the “Espirit de Corps which characterizes Marines from the Shores of Tripoli to the streets of Fallujah. This group is well known for its charitable work. Membership is by invitation

Marine-4-Life Injured Marine Support Program
The League works with the Marine-4-L program providing Mentors nationwide. In areas of the country where there is no Marine Corps “point of contact, the League works with the Headquarters to provide services to transitioning Marines.

The Victor Valley Marine Corps League #1383 meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm at Saint Hilary’s Episcopal Church. 11305 Hesperia Road, Hesperia, Ca. 92345… Further information can be obtained at 760-550-8083.