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The Shortest Commentary In America On Syrian Bombing

The end of toleration is fully understood. The reaction from the USA is understood. What escapes a conscionable citizenry is why 435 members of the House of Representatives have neither the fortitude nor diligence of duty to vote on the War Powers Act. History will surely record this as cowardly. Please advise.


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Nature, of itself, can be healing.  The desert held violence for me, but here I found peace.”

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This website and the Healing Journey it describes is a project of an organization called Healing Through Reckoning and Responsibility.

  Elder Warrior tradition comes from many long standing traditions: Native American, Roman, Greek, Maori, Islander etc.  The tradition is basic to all of them.  The returning warriors were welcomed, went through cleansing rites, were dined and had their wounds treated. Once that happened, the whole community would gather to listen respectfully to their stories.  The whole community owned responsibility for the warriors, what they had been asked to do in the name of the community and for what they experienced in war. The community claimed full responsibility for the individual actions of the warrior. Thus, the warrior did not carry all the guilt, wounds and weight of war by themselves.  A communal reckoning took place as well as the reintegration of the warriors. untitled-5 The warriors were welcomed back into the community as Elder Warriors.  They were seen as carrying wisdom and strength for the community.  Consequently violence in the community dropped and the youth of the community looked to the Elder Warriors for guidance, mentoring and courage. Drawing from all the wisdom cultures, we offer a pathway for this to occur in modern times.  The pathway we have formed is Healing Through Reckoning and Responsibility, which takes veterans and civilians through a guided process of encounter and civilian responsibility taking. 

 There is a Way Home

In order for the veteran and soldier to heal, (s)he must walk the journey home with a trusted, listening civilian.  For the civilian to heal, (s)he must open to learning of the soldiers experience.  For the nation to heal, both the soldier and the civilian must heal: the civilian becomes responsible and the soldier becomes the Elder Warrior. 7261901 - sun

We Believe

Most people believe that PTSD stands for a clinical medical condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We believe that PTSD, as it has been defined by Ed Tick and a number of other authors, is Post Traumatic Soul Distress recognizing that it is primarily a wound to the soul, a moral injury. 

We have found that the reintegration process is essential for the healing of moral/traumatic injury.  We have been stunned by the reports from our warrior participants telling us, early in the process, that long standing difficulties like sleep have lifted. 

Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers heal when welcomed by Civilians who take responsibility for them and for the wars they are asked to fight in our name.

Veterans heal when the community cares and supports soldiers on their return.  Active Duty suffer less PTSD and feel more connected when they return. They report feeling that this  make them better and safer soldiers.

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Our next Healing Journey is November 12-16, 2017. To Register Please go to the Healing Journey Registration Page on our site.

Our program provides scholarships for veterans and family members. It also includes ongoing research and development.  All donations are tax deductible. We are willing to come and speak to a group about what we do.  Contact us to see if we have a team member near you and what it would entail to bring them there.   By Check to: HTRR (Healing Through Reckoning and Responsibility) 925 Bluebell Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. You can support us online by clicking on the Donate button.  You can provide ongoing monthly support for our program by choosing and option and then clicking on the Ongoing Support button.
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Victor Valley Marine Corps League Meeting

The January meeting of the Victor Valley Marine Corps League will be held Wednesday January 18th, at 6.30 pm at St. Hillary’s Episcopal Church at 11305 Hesperia Road. Our meetings are fast and efficient. Social time and dinining generally convenes by 8pm at the Desert Barn Brewery across the street. Good Marine humor follows us! For information call 760-550-8083