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Neurofeedback For Veterans

Image: Veteran Veritas LogoThe wonders of science never cease. The Institute for Research and Assessment & Professional Development at Cal State University, under the guidance and leadership of the Director Dr. Connie McReynolds,Ph.D. , are sheparding a well researched Neurofeedback program for a broad population of participants, including veterans of war.

With the dramatic increase in the cases of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and head injuries; all modalities that are offered to abate the chronic symptoms that accompany the residuals of war are welcomed by both the veteran and their family and friends.

Through a collaborative partnership with San Bernardino County Veterans Affairs and the Research Institute veterans can receive up to 40 sessions of neurofeedback brain training.

Evidence based research has shown marked improvement in relieving some aspects of chronic pain, depression, and attention deficit problems. The symptoms of PTSD are on a rather broad spectrum, yet the ability to monitor brain waves can often identify the areas that can benefit from some fine tuning by way of the feedback mechanisms.

Neurofeedback works by training the brain to function at its maximum potential,which is similar to the way the body is exercised, toned and maintained. The technology is safe and effective or children and adults ages 5 to 95. The training is not a quick cure. It can take anywhere from 40 to 50 sessions of treatment. In private institutes the same sessions would costs thousands of dollars. The Institute for Research, Assessment and Professional Development charges fees on a sliding scale so that is available to a wide population.  Veterans are eligible for scholarships by way of an extensive intake interview.

For more information you can contact the Institute at 909.537.5681 or visit the website at


Veteran Veritas Comes To Town

Image: Veteran Veritas LogoGood day to all the readers of the Desert News Post. Your Editor, Katrina Siverts recently invited me to join the team of bloggers and freelance journalists at this fine publication.
I thought I would offer a brief introduction prior to commencing the posting of some home spun material.
My name is Michael Patrick Brewer. My wife and I moved to Apple Valley, Califorinia from Tucson, Arizona five years ago. The motivation was simply to be nearer our family who had all relocated to Southern California. We are quite pleased with the quality of life and affordable living in the High Desert.
I am a retired commercial property manager and private investigator for matters of real estate. I am also a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps as a result of combat service in Vietnam. I remain affiliated with most of the veteran fraternal organizations. The VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans. Past President and Life Member of Vietnam Veterans of America. Founder and Past Commandant of Apple Valley Marine Corps League, ( now newly chartered, Victor Valley Marine Corps League), and currently serve as their Department Service Officer and Chaplain.
As a member of the California Writers Club High Desert Branch, I have been privileged to be able to mingle with many of the leaders and core volunteers in the High Desert, all of whom have led to the inspiration to contribute to the community.
I lived in Tucson, Arizona for 51 years and was as civically involved for many of those seasons. Prior to moving here, I wrote for a Gannett owned newspaper; the “,” for five years. The contribution was titled, “VETERAN VERITAS,” That name and moniker have just now been transferred to this online community.
My declaration to the readers here is that I will be diligent in bringing you timely and compelling material that relates primarily to Veterans Affairs and occasional critical issues related to our High Desert living.
See you down the trail. Cordially, Mike Brewer

Helendale's New Charter School Enrolling

The Helendale School District has opened a new charter school.

Independence Charter Academy (ICA) is an Independent Study Program offered to transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

The school first opened for the 2014-15 school year and has tripled in student enrollment since its beginning in August.

Mr. Hayhurst, the Director of ICA, has many years of experience working in the education field. He puts his students’ success as a top priority and holds high expectations that fit each student.

The professional staff of teachers and administrators work directly with Mr. Hayhurst to make Independence Charter Academy a positive place to grow and receive an education.

Independence Charter Academy has a small student-to-teacher ratio, allowing each student ample opportunity to interact with their teachers. With the use of Google Chromebook laptops, assigned to every pupil, communication is easy.

For elementary students, weekly Wild Wednesdays are a time for students to interact with one another while creating arts and craft projects, playing educational games, and staying physically fit during a fun game of dodgeball or indoor soccer.

Secondary students love being a part of Thrilling Thursdays, a day packed with elective courses focused around real life career experience.

This year, Independence Charter Academy held classes in Criminal Justice/Public Safety, Health and Wellness, Computer Repair, Emergency Medical Response, Music, and Band.

For the 2015-16 School year, ICA students will be able to participate in sports programs with Helendale School District’s Academy of Careers and Exploration. They are excited to commence the first year of football for the district.

Independence Charter Academy held its first graduation with 16 seniors receiving their diplomas in the Silver Lakes clubhouse ballroom, which was filled with of patriotic decor.

JJ’s Kountry Kafe allowed the students to hold a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the first ICA prom.

Independence Charter Academy is now enrolling students for the 2015-16 school year with bright plans for the future.

Transportation is available in certain areas of the High Desert. For more information, call Independence Charter Academy at (760) 952-1760.