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What is a System Service Agreement?

By Ron Postoian, President of AC Plus Heating and Air

ron-postoianI could not even begin to tell you the benefits of servicing your air condi- tioner and heating system at least two times a year. Having this done will put money back into your pocket, avoid costly repairs, and reduce your down time when you need it the most.

I know other companies beside AC Plus do off season visits Most solid HVAC companies have a program for this type of service. I can’t speak to what other companies offer, but with us we offer 30% off any suggested re- pair, faster on time service in prime times, and major discounts on systems being installed in the spring and fall months.

We will do things like check refrigerant levels, motor conditions, and change filters. We check electoral conditions, gas pres- sures and look for signs of part fail- ure before the season hits.
A dirty sys- tem will at best cost 30% more to operate and at worst cause ma- jor failures to heat exchangers and compressors.

I urge you to call the company you’re using now, and get signed up. If you don’t already have someone, give us a call at (760) 956-3737. The cost is only $149.00 per year. This is a good time to get set up for a fall heater ser-vice visit.


Elks Club Fashion Show Benefits Children's Programs

elks-club-1On June 23, the Hesperia Elks Lodge held a fashion show. The event featured Casual Divas modeling outfits, and Wacky Fashionistas – three couples wearing some crazy outfits.

Casual Divas models were Marilyn Cranford, Linda Masquefa, Phyllis McMahan, Jackie Nelson, Ann Schieffer and Dee Thomas.
elks-club-2Wacky Fashionistas were Pat Beardsley with Harry Thayer, Maggie Campbell with Bob Jump, Darlene Voltz with Mack Collings.

Fashions were provided by R.V. Casuals; decorations by Virginia Bitters. Proceeds benefit Elks children’s pro- grams.

Hesperia Elks Lodge is located at 2402 E Avenue, (760) 949-2646.

A Fresh Look at Organic with High Desert Farmers Markets

There is confusion about organic these days, which does not necessarily mean no chemicals or toxins. It would be impossible to grow great amounts of food without some form of pest and disease control. A material list of allow- able organics is published on the USDA website. Pay attention to Category IV allowable materials – compounds con- sidered by the USDA/FDA to be least harmful. Food produced with these materials, are considered safe. Farms can register for a fee, and certify they use those items in farming practices along with soil and water testing. Many large corporations have done this since using the term “organic” comes brings huge financial rewards.

The USDA Organic label just means a farm uses 80% organic materials. To get this prestigious title it is only necessary to fill out an application, provide their own soil and water samples, and send them off to Sacramento for approval! No inspector visits their farms to verify this information.

There are reputable organic farms out there. To be verified by anc carry the California Certified Organic Farm- ers (CCOF) label there rigid requirements, with specific, allowable materials for a farm’s Integrated Pest Management programs. A healthy fee is charged for the group to inspect, man- age and oversee these farms. The pr cess can also be very timely, but con-umers looking for truly organic food look for and respect the CCOF label on packaging and produce.

“Educating the public on sustainable food and related subjects is an on- going process and desired goal” says Kerri Santoro of the High Desert Farmer’s Markets. “There are so many factors that effect our future health, and we are passionate about giving customers the facts to decide what’s best for their families. Coming and experiencing the market is a great place to start.”

High Desert Certified Farmers Markets promote and support local businesses, bring neighbors together and share resources. They bring an increase in local social capital, food-related community education, commerce and creativity. Local farmers, food vendors and vendors of all kinds serve up quality, freshness, fun and entertainment for the whole family. Experience it…it’s all here for you! HDFM staff will show you around. Have a great time tasting!