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CA Board of Equalization Selects New Chair and Vice Chair

At the Board of Equalization (BOE) February meeting in Culver City, the Board selected Member Fiona Ma as its new Chair and Member Diaane Harkey as Vice Chair. “Congratulations to Fiona Ma and Diane Harkey on being voted Chair and Vice Chair,” said Board of Equalization Member George Runner. “They do great work on behalf of California taxpayers and I look forward to working with them in their new roles.” The other Board members are: Jerome Horton, George Runner, and State Controller Betty T. Yee. The five-member Board meets monthly and is the only elected tax board in the country. The BOE administers more than 30 tax and fee programs. During fiscal year 2014-15, the BOE generated $60.5 billion of revenue. The BOE’s monthly meetings offer taxpayers and other interested parties opportunities to participate in the formulation of rules and regulations adopted by the Board.

VVWRA Receives $122,000 Incentive from SCE

The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority has received an energy saving incentive check of $121,919.84 from Southern California Edison for its aeration energy efficiency upgrades. The check was presented by SCE representative Amy Olson to the VVWRA Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Thursday, February 18th. The aeration energy efficiency upgrades will save VVWRA about 1,336,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. That is the equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to power 122 homes annually. “These upgrades allow us to save energy while improving our wastewater treatment process”, said VVWRA Director of Operations Gilbert Perez. The aeration energy efficiency upgrades at VVWRA consisted of a new electric powered, 400 hp Piller turbo blower and new Aquarius, fine bubble diffusers installed in aeration basins 1 through 8. The Piller blower replaces three blowers that were powered by internal combustion engines. The Aquarius fine bubble diffusers have much better oxygen transfer efficiency than the previous diffusers and thus require less energy. A crucial part of VVWRA’s treatment involves blowing oxygen into the wastewater held in large aeration basins in a process called “activated sludge”. The oxygen stimulates microorganisms that help break down the organic matter. It also is one of the most energy intensive processes at the VVWRA treatment plant. “VVWRA continues to take steps to reduce its power consumption, while increasing electricity production through its Waste to Energy Program”, said VVWRA General Manager Logan Olds. “This is another big step on our path to energy neutrality.” VVWRA’s Waste to Energy Program involves collecting naturally occurring methane from the anaerobic digesters and using the bio-gas to power a pair of large 2G 800 kwh generators, which in turn provide electricity to run the plant.

Keep More of Your Assets as You Age

Did you know that seven out of ten couples now reaching the age of 65 can expect at least one partner to use a nursing home? Estate planning is the best way to protect a family’s non-exempt assets from depletion when illness or other situations arise as people age. Bethel Law Corporation is an independent client-centered law firm located in Victorville that offers exceptional legal counsel and creative advice in all aspects of estate and business planning. Since 1991, Bethel has grown to service a wide variety of clietns in the areas of estate planning, elder law, probate, conservatorships, wealth preservation, Medi-Cal, Veterans aid, and asset planning and protection. Dale Bethel is an extremely experienced elder law attorney in the Inland Empire, and he is ready to listen and advise families on how they can use and protect their assets. Planning options are tailored to fit the exact needs of a client, so they can achieve their desired income and asset protection status. By implementing a plan, Bethel seeks to improve the client’s standard of living by allowing them to keep more of their monthly income and retain non-exempt assets. According to Dale Bethel, “providing you and your family with the best legal plan available is my number one goal.” Clients enjoy having the firm’s full focus and attention, and in return Bethel enjoys developing and preserving long-term relationships. He strongly believes in a firm-wide commitment to meeting client goals. Success, therefore, is measured in the client’s success, and Bethel is there to help grow and preserve the wealth of individuals and families in the most efficient manner possible. The firm has over 200 planning tools to draw on and many strategic relationships with other professional advisors to develop and implement a client’s plan to completion. Areas that Bethel Law Corporation offers expertise include: • Elder Law • Estate Planning • Probate • Intellectual Property • Charitable Trusts • Franchise • Corporation Formation • Non-profit 501(c)3 In addition to the estate planning process, Bethel offers clients help with income, gift and estate taxes, purchase, sale or succession of ownership of businesses, and with understanding the desirability and implications of making lifetime gifts, preparation of wills, trusts and more. Bethel is associated with Advocate 4 Medi-Cal Assistance to help assist clients with their health insurance needs. Bethel Law Corporation is located at Sand Street, #105, Victorville, CA 92392. Get more information on estate planning by attending a seminar held bi-monthly at Marie Callender’s in Victorville. Call for more information at (909) 307-6282.