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Sabbatical Ending Soon

Not so sure anyone gives a hoot about where I have been, but we moved to Crestline,Ca six months ago today. Still unpacking and looking for stuff! There has been no lack of Veterans affairs and shenanigans in recent times, so when I fire up again and get back to the CP in a week or so, I hope what I bring you is compelling and timely. Be well, Mike/Ret./USMC


Leaking Is An Ethical Obligation

A rhetorical question for the masses, coming from one who is more pastoral than political, at least in actions. Here is the question. Why is that so many think that “leaking’ is both a ‘prima facie’, and an ‘a priori’ bad thing? Anyone who studies military history knows that most of our victories have their genesis in some form of leaks. The Revolutionary War was won with weaponizing leaks, as now does social media. What would honest history be without the Pentagon Papers bei…ng leaked? It could be asserted that leaking is one of the most courageous forms of Patriotism we have witnessed, and that would include Enron and the Tobacco Industry tactics. It was once leaked to one of my heroes, Marine General Smedley Butler what the government had planned for him and he went berserk. Read up, and do not allow us to be divided into linguistically arranged camps all for the purpose of control. Facebook, for sure allows and assertion of identity and free association that we would not allow in polite company, yet ask yourself, is this making America great? Maybe a designated month of silence with no cable news would be a path to greatness. No loss as they are mostly redundant and can pick up where they left off. The other obvious poison in the soup of the indomitable American spirit is the daily mental operation of cognitive dissonance that has infected the population at large, from Youth Soccer and Baseball to the halls of VFW’s and Church socials, and that is not the need to be right but to prove with bellicosity that you are not wrong. It is control tactics folks, don’t buy it. The greatest commandment of all is to “love your neighbor as yourself.’ That was not a suggestion but a commandment. Jesus did not say “I hope you will love.” Carry on for the balance of this summer with an effort to not divide. It wont be easy, but it may be the salvation of the Republic. At 241 years old, we are one of the youngest Democratic/ Republics in the world. Lets not allow outside forces to mess this up. That is what these hearings are really about, not male peacocks vying for power.

A rather short heads up for current news on veterans affairs as it relates to the transition process for returning combat veterans. This radio program is clearly in the vanguard for an open dialogue about the nuances of the residuals of war. Should you have the time go to the podcast interview with Navy Cross recipient 3/5 Marines. Dark Horse, Jerimiah Woodward, author of “Shadow of the Sword”, ¬†about his experience in Fallujah and then…..!¬† We hope this fine man will come join us at the next retreat on Nov-12-16, 2017 in San Juan, Batista,Ca.

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