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What Has Changed Since Barry McGuire Sang "Eve of Destruction?"

Common sense, that is what has changed. And, an electorate that is led like moo cows by party politics. There are some smart hombres out there who have mastered linguistic spins…both sides. Chomsky on one-Bannon on the other.
The average American is not going to take the time to fully grasp the meaning of the theory of Cognitive Dissonance, yet it is now vital to the future of your sanity and that of all of your family to follow for the next two generations.
Cognitive dissonance is formally defined as the mental itch or stress from trying to hold two or more contradictory beliefs or values at one time. The dissonance arises when confronted with an action that contradicts that core planted system of thinking. Few ever stray far away from decisions made early on in life, as it is too painful for themselves and family, especially those from mainstream religions. Even those who leave the aforementioned end up with the hubris of opposition. When Emerson once said of Thoreau,”he is a genius but can only feel himself in opposition,” little did he know he was prophesizing the two party system in this young America. Even our first President, George Washington, was on to this dangerous trend of identity politics and its toxic use of cognitive dissonance, when he said, ” I do not believe in the two party system, it is open to foreign influence and corruption.” That was 1789 folks!
I love the song by the Marshall Tucker Band,”Can’t You See.” Cant you see what these low consciousness political gutter thinkers are doing to you and your daily life? Politics was never intended to be digested every day with your Cheerios!
Listen up fellow Americans, they are after your soul, not your vote. This stuff in the daily fare of news is not about partisan politics it is about our Civilization and the kind of culture we want for the next generation. Do remember, no Democracy has made it over 250 years in Western Civilization.We are surely not exempt.
So, back to this cognitive dissonance stuff. The magnitude of the dissonance is only reduced by going to great ends to remain consistent with something that is logged in your brain mechanism. I am guilty of this. I am a Marine and a Catholic. I know that I work hard to remain in sync with that profile. It does not always ship. The existential stress can at times be taxing. But what do political operatives do? They feed you the stuff to insure that you feel yourself to be who you think you are.
Talk Radio has mastered this and monetized it to the hilt. Rush Limbaugh, being the God Father of the reduction of cognitive dissonance by providing identity markers every day on the radio. Kind of like mental identity orgasms for males. The greater the personal value of the elements of thought patterns, the greater the dissonance, therefore the greater need to be consistent. Advertisers and subliminal messages, et al.
People will always seek psychological consistency between their personal views and expectations and their existential reality of daily life.
The problem arises when some try to alter the daily existence to fit a reality that is stuck in an false belief or an inherited psychological mettle.
The Main Stream Media would do a service to the nation and civilization to just halt the sensational news, and spend one week, just one simple week, explaining how Cognitive Disssonance is the genesis of Intellectual Terrorism in America. It is the antecedent mental condition of all that has gone astray.


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