Tailgating with Victor Valley Gem & Mineral Club

The Victor Valley Gem & Mineral Club held their annual tailgate campout over the weekend of March 11-13. The event is like a swap meet for rocks, with “rock hounds” perusing about 50 vendors offering minerals, fossils, jewelry, slabs, equipment and a huge variety of them all.

The venue is a back country spot in the desert seven miles out on a graded dirt portion of Stoddard Wells Road in Apple Valley.

Vendor Row was a series of trailers, tents and motor homes with folding tables set up to display the wares being sold. There were chunks of raw material, polished stones, faceted gems, figurines, handcrafted jewelry, beads, and more. There were beautiful crystals and gemstones from places like Iraq, Mexico, the Orient, and other locales.

Many people use rocks as healing energy, including massage therapists, Reiki masters, psychics, mediums, and other holistic healers. I met a few of them while out there and they seemed thrilled with the variety available. The prices were beyond reasonable and it was lots of fun.

In addition to the stones themselves, there was all kinds of equipment for sale to be used to transform rocks into all sorts of beautiful items. Some vendors gave equipment demonstrations and offered parts or whole machines for sale.

This was much more fun than just picking up a rock or two when out traveling. I really enjoy myself at these events.

The club has been doing these tailgate campouts for over 30 years. They hold regular meetings, educational lectures and workshops for those interested in this fun hobby. The clubhouse is located at 15056-B 7th Street, Victorville.

Get more information by calling (760) 243-2330, or visit


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