Medium Beecham Parker Helps People Heal Through Spirit Guides

Originally from North Carolina, Beecham has lived in Southern California for over half of his life. Since 2003, he has offered his services as a medium, with the mission of helping people to heal themselves. Sometimes people feel guilt or emotional upset with a person who has passed on. Or there is blame, or some sort of reservation about their passing.Beecham help them with this by calling forth the loved one in spirit. Some people feel upset that they weren’t there when the loved one passed away. Or, they may have made certain decisions, or had situations where something didn’t go well with that person, and the issue was never resolved in life. Some people just need to know that there really is a “heaven.” Beecham helps people find the peace, joy and comfort of knowing for certain that a loved one is well, and that they are no longer suffering any of the pain they had before passing. Sometimes people are afraid of their own passing, and he helps them move past that fear. Another situation sometimes occurs where a loved one has been communicating with a person, but they are having a hard time believing it. Have they “seen” them? Beecham can help get validation that after death communication trudly is real. Some people are looking for direction, and may be asking themselves, “Why aren’t things working out for me?” Or, maybe they just want to move forward to more fulfillment in life. When he was young, Beecham experienced communication from spirits but he didn’t know what it was. He blocked out the memory until he got older, but then things started coming back to him. The realization that spirits communicated with him got him to launch into a full study of the phenomenon. He went to experiential workshops, and studied with well-known mediums such as Francesca Kempton. He sat in a development circle with Lisa Williams. As he grew in these experiences, his spirit guides told him it would be so natural for him, like learning to drive a stick. And, his abilities grew and became regular occurances. As a professional medium, Beecham offers several services that are tailored to fit whatever an individual is wanting to accomplish, including: • Spiritual life coaching – Approach from spiritual perspective, as in “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” Using skills he has developed, plus his own intuitive abilities, he can determine where a person may be having trouble, and assist them into becoming aware of patterns that don’t serve them. He guides them to find their own answers at to what is holding them back. He teaches them tools and skills that help them move forward, and into living a more fulfilled life. • Mediumship Sessions– Calling on spirits to communicate with a loved one can help healing to occur and provide resolution to fears, guilt or worry. • Thoughts vs. Results – Actions sometimes hold people back. Beecham guides them to become empowered to look at old emotional wounds, and discover what their internal dialogue is doing to them. He shows them how to find answers to their own questions, like, “why aren’t I having a fulfilling life or positive relationships?” Its about learning to live a more authentic life, and personal responsibility. “I’m powerful.” These sessions usually last one to two hours. • From Suppression to Expression – Speaking engagements by Beecham on how he found out he has this gift, and how he now expresses it. • Speaking engagements – White Feather’s spiritual wisdom. Beecham discusses his “knowing,” and reveals information from the book he is in the process of writing. It’s all about love, transformation, empowerment, and patience. A spirit guide, White Feather, takes him on virtual reality adventures. White Feather gives teachings, and sometimes appears when Beecham is addressing audiences. • Private Sessions – For one with two additional people (must be family members) at no extra charge, who are wanting to hear from someone who has passed on. Private sessions may be done in person or by phone, which allows him to help people all over the world. Time does not matter, because there is no time or space once someone passes out of the physical body. • Private Spirit Circles – Up to 10 people may participate. Available for 30- and 45-minute sessions. • Pet Mediumship Sessions. A pet’s passing can be traumatic. People have trouble with losing their pets because of their unconditional love. Animals have the same ability to communicate, and a medium gets their thoughts in their mind. Beecham has heard from cats, dogs, rats, horses, and birds. Consciousness by phone or in person. • Large Group Demonstrations (can be as large as 40-50 people). • Public Spirit Circles and Experiential Workshops. Attendees learn to experience and apply what is taught. • Meet Your Spirit Guide Sessions. Learn why people have spirit guides, and how to use them. Beecham guides them into meeting their guide (sessions are two or more hours). • Why? Workshop for Beginners. Teaches people how to access their own abilities. Know that we each have our own ability. Get a heightened awareness of their own ability. Come and meet Beecham at the Healthy Spirit Festival on April 30. • May 14 – Love Connections with Spirit – Messages of Love & Comfort. This is a message intensive event in a fun and uplifting way. • May 21 – Mediumship for Beginners. An enlightening and fun workshop, whether your intention is to serve as a medium or just have a greater awareness of spirit communication. A gifted medium, Beecham is renowned for his accuracy, compassion and gentle manner of conveying comforting messages and detailed evidence of a loved ones’ continued existence. Attend a session and be amazed. If are interested in any services, call Beecham at (323) 479-2458, or visit  

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