Jettin' With Jazzie – April 2016

Social Candy

The Social-Lites had a new and quite successful event this last month with a candy exchange. Lacey said we could bring a nice box of candy or chocolates, (which was not hard to find since so close to Valentine’s) which is exactly what I bought. That sure was a wrong decision as most the ladies that attended went creatively crazy and made their own candy and chocolates and some of them was their first attempt. I think next time sample tasting is a must. This was definitely a very sweet event and a must to make it more then once a year. Oh wait, I have another occasion for you to mark on your calendar. Creative Woven Art Made Fun & Easy on Thursday, April 21st @ 6:30 PM in the Terrace Room. Come join the Social-Lites and Cheryl Schene, our talented instructor, at 6:30 PM Thursday, April 21st in the Terrace Room for an outlet for your inner creative talents, some “social” fun, and a yummy appetizer buffet! She swears that crafting talent is not required! Cheryl will help you design a woven art piece that could be used as a small, pretty table runner , place mat or can be expanded at your leisure into a beautiful area rug. You may design your mat of strips of fabricate she provides or you may bring your own to match your home’s décor, color theme or patterns. Your art piece can charm your own home as an accessory to brag about or it can be made as a beautiful item for gifting!  

School Spirit


Current news from Superintendent Ross Swearingen

  In February we held Strategic Planning Meetings with our stakeholders, presenting the data above as well as demographic and academic data, We gained the following insight into the direction of our school district in the future. Our community feels that we should focus on implementing the following initiatives next school year. 1. A Math Intervention Program at Helendale Elementary School 2. A Grant Writer commissioned to gain additional revenue for the District 3. Pursuit of on campus college classes for students 4. Implementing a minimum expectation for community service for every student attending our School District 5. Adding additional cameras to Helendale Elementary School to increase security 6. Standardizing the use of technology in all classrooms so that all students have the same expectation for exposure 7. Text messaging parents to increase avenues for communication about happenings in the District These are some of the objectives our Board will be considering for the District to accomplish during the 2016-17 school year based upon our communities input.  

Dashing Daddies & Darling Daughters

  Another fabulous night of dressing up, dining and dancing at the Annual Daddy/Daughter Dance presented, by the recreation department of Silver Lakes Association. The ballroom looked elegant with black tablecloths, matching balloons and many, many adorable teddy bears. Every year I go to take pictures and cover the event I find myself saying the same thing to most the dads. “Oh, I’m sorry I did not recognize you all dressed up and clean shaven.” It is so precious to see all their little princesses (it doesn’t matter what age you are as they will always see you as their little girl) glamoured from head to shoes sitting by their fathers. I’m happy to announce the Mother/Son Event will be May,1st. To all the mommies out there, we get to dress up this time and take our sons to an evening of dancing and treasure hunting.  

B5, O 71 = Bingo

The Helendale Lions Club held their first bingo game this past month with a full house. President, Bob Hansen, donated all the start up equipment to make this fun activity a regular event in Helendale. It was very well organized from getting in, getting snacks, and needing assistance. It felt really comfortable and was a fun time. The cost to play was really reasonable and the payout was great, unfortunately, I was almost always one number off before someone screamed…BINGO! The next round will be April 10 with doors opening at noon and games starting at 1:00pm. The Helendale Lions Club is located at 27538 Helendale Road. Former President, Bill Dodsen, told me that this will be a once a month event and could possibly even be twice a month in the future. I know I will be there as this time it is my turn to yell…BINGO!

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