Parade of Pianos Holds Annual Instrument Petting Zoo

Parade of Pianos (POP) music scholarship fund held its annual musical instrument “petting zoo” on February 27 at the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce conference room. Students performed on guitar, piano and other instruments, and also talked about the history and technique of certain instruments. Musician Thomas Atkinson talked about African Americans music, and the history of percussion instruments. First grade music student Angelina Whitford received a donated violin and will be provided with free lessons. A guitar was donated to POP by the Hugh Kidd family, and it too will be given to a student in need. After the performances, all of the children present were encouraged to touch and play a variety of instruments, creating a wonderful cacophany of sounds. Paul Starks, founder of POP, joyfully helps low-income students by giving music scholarships, paying for lessons, and accepting donated instruments that are given to students. Donations to POP are tax deductible as a project of the High Desert Community Foundation. For monetary donations, go to, or call Paul Starks at (760) 961-0611.

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