Ladies Liberty House of Healing Now at Apple Valley Inn

Ladies Liberty House of Healing is a refreshing oasis where people can find a peaceful escape from their hectic life, even if only for an hour or two a week. The location is great, on the grounds of the Historic Apple Valley Inn, and the interior of the studio features artwork from local artists, and books for sale on subjects of mind, body and spirit healing. Owner Donna Harwick is a licensed massage therapist professional and certified Yoga instructor. She invites you to experience the beautiful spa-like studio where clients and students often say, “This is where I can exhale.” Donna completed her training for massage therapy in 2004. She has continued her education and has become certified in several different modalities, which include: Swedish Massage; Hot Stone Therapy; Deep Tissue Massage; and Sports Massage. As a massage therapist she became interested in Yoga and it’s benefits to the mind, body and spirit. She completed her training as a Yoga instructor in July of 2007 and has coined the name of her teaching style “Worship In Motion.” She studied the different Yoga types and found “Hatha Yoga” which simply means “physical practice” and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the word Yoga means to unite or yoke mind, body and spirit. Donna considers herself a healer and through her own experience knows that one cannot take care of others until one first learns to take care of themselves. Through massage or Yoga we connect mind, body and spirit and are more present in our own bodies. It is then that we can heal ourselves and therefore heal others. Donna loves her life, I loves what she does, and it is her mission to help you love your life too! Let her serve you and your health. Experts estimate that upwards of 90 percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Massage and Yoga are effective tools for managing this stress, which translates into decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy; reduced fatigue, and much more. You will have more pleasant thoughts, fewer negative emotions and your overall mood will improve. Visit Ladies Liberty House of Healing at the Apple Valley Inn, 20601 Hwy 18, #152, Apple Valley. For an appointment or information call Donna at (760) 617-4035.

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