Hesperia’s Crime Free Rental Housing Ordinance Now in Effect

Effective January 1st, 2016, any rental property within the city limits of Hesperia is required to participate in the Crime Free Rental Housing Program. This ordinance covers: Any property owner or management company of a residential single-family or multi-family rental property Any tenant who occupies a residential single-family or multi-family rental property. The program is designed to assist residents, owners, managers, and anyone else associated with rental properties in keeping illegal activity out of our community and creating a safer environment. The City Ordinance is available at How To Begin – Attend Training Classes. The Hesperia Sheriff’s Station will be holding several free training classes throughout the year to offer information regarding the Crime Free Rental Housing Program. Attendance is optional, but highly recommended for the tenants, property owners and/or property managers of any rental properties within the city of Hesperia.   At these classes, you will be informed of the benefits of the program, including strengthened rental agreements, recognition of the warning signs of illegal activity, and an improved working relationship with law enforcement. The classes will also include the requirements of the program, legal issues, and actions you must take if you or your tenants violate any rules of the Crime   Free Rental Housing Program. Future training classes are listed on the City of Hesperia’s Community Calendar. Register Your Rental Property – as a property owner and/or property manager, you are responsible for registering your rental property with the Crime Free Rental Housing Program. The registration must be completed and updated each year on January 1st. The Crime Free Lease Addendum must be included in each current and future rental or lease contract. This addendum complies with the City of Hesperia’s Crime Free Ordinance in which the occupant/resident, any member of the occupant/resident’s household, and any guest or other person under the occupant/resident’s control shall not engage in criminal activity that would violate any federal, state, or local law, on or near the property. Failure to participate in proper registration can result in a fine. Background Checks – As a property owner and/or property manager, you are responsible for completing a national criminal background check of your prospective tenant(s) through any agency of your choice prior to leasing or renting. Additionally, there is a mandatory screening process through the Hesperia Sheriff’s Station to determine if your prospective tenant has previously violated any rules of the Crime Free Rental Housing Program. The information required for the screening includes your tenants’ full legal name and date of birth, obtained from valid government-issued photo identification for adults. Failure to participate in the tenant screening can result in a fine. The information provided for the screening must be verified and accurate; providing false information will also result in a fine. This information is to be used at the discretion of the property owner and/or property manager in determining to rent or lease to the prospective tenant. Note: The Hesperia Sheriff’s Station does NOT disclose personal information such as reasons for arrest, criminal history, registration of sexual offenders, etc. Such information may be available through other websites with public access, such as the San Bernardino County Superior Court website or Offender Watch. Inspections – Inspections will be completed by an officer of the Hesperia Sheriff’s Station to ensure the properties are meeting the standards of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). Each inspection will result in a “PASS”, or a date will be scheduled for a re-inspection and a fine may be issued. Any safety issues that have been addressed by the officer will be listed on the completed inspection and a copy will be provided to the property owner and/or property managers. A fine may be issued if the corrections are not made within an appropriate amount of time. Eviction Process – When a property owner and/or property manager is notified that a tenant has engaged in criminal activity on or near the Crime-Free property, the eviction process must begin within ten (10) business days of the date of such notice. Proof of the eviction process is required. Any violation(s) of the agreements on the Crime Free Lease Addendum shall be a violation of the lease and good cause for termination of tenancy. Failure to initiate, complete, or provide proof of the eviction process can result in fines. Information on the eviction process is available on the San BernardinoCounty Superior Court website. Questions- For any questions, please contact Karen Hunt at (760) 947-1500. All pertinent forms can be faxed to (760) 949-1566 and/or forward them via email to Paula Raihle at

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