Victor Valley Transit Authority's Real-Time Web App

From Staff Reports Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) has released its latest bus route and schedule update to Google Transit, the trip planner available through Google Maps. The update features enhancements to all city, county, and commuter bus routes for the Victor Valley and the Barstow area. “It’s great to see Barstow bus routes integrated into Google Maps navigation,” said City of Barstow Councilmember and VVTA Board Member, Richard Harpole. “For those using computers and smart phones, trip planning to the Victor Valley and Inland Empire is at their fingertips.” Google Transit is available within Google Maps. It is accessible using a standard Web browser or via mobile app on Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS operating systems. A full review of 918 bus stop locations focused on geographic accuracy. The renaming of each bus stop resulted in easy-to-understand consistency throughout the 34-route system. Route colors now match those on theVVTA Real Time website and the Avail Technologies iOS mobile app available on iPhone and iPad devices. Barstow routes will become available on both real-time platforms following a bus hardware upgrade next year. The comprehensive revision marks the first update performed entirely in-house by VVTA’s agile staff that enjoys finding new technologies and taking on challenges. “Many agencies our size have a department dedicated to GIS (geographic information system) projects,” said VVTA Executive Director, Kevin Kane. VVTA staff coordinated with the county and cities to maintain route and stop accuracy throughout the release cycle. Meeting the needs of the many departments at each agency added to the complexity of the project. The process uses Asana, a cloud-based task management application. VVTA Information Technology Manager David Flowers, said “Asana was a necessity that simplified what would otherwise be an overwhelming project.”

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