Jettin with Jazzie – Nov. 2015

Disney Aboard

It couldn’t have been a more perfect evening for the Social-Lites to set sail on North Lake for a Disney theme cruise. Mother Nature sheltered the sun giving us a cool breeze to enjoy the ride. Red Riding Hoods, princesses, mermaids and Minnie Mouse’s were just a few of the costumes the ladies were wearing and even the male boat drivers picked a Disney theme to attire. The almost 2 hours boat ride ended with docking at local restaurant Dolce Vita for a nice Italian dinner. Meat or eggplant lasagna was the main course with a salad and yummy garlic bread. Several ladies told Victor that he needed to put both lasagnas on their menu. Watching the sunset over the lake and desert landscape was priceless! Now, lets get ready for AUTUMN as November 19th will be the annual “ Holiday Fall Exchange Event.” We will meet at 6:30 PM at the fabulous home of Sheri Grimes. We will dine on holiday appetizers and beverages while we “shop to swap” previously cherished Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas-themed personal accessories and home décor items. The drop off address is 14625 Coolglen Drive. The mailing address is P. O. Box #429. Lacey Jones at 760-245-8048 or send her an email at TXladyBG@aol.com  

Fairytale Homecoming

ACE high- school gymnasium was renovated into a fairytale magical kingdom. ASB students worked many long hard hours to make this dance come true. All the girls looked dazzling in their sparkly and beautiful gowns as the boys looked dashing in their charmed attire. Of course, Italian was the dinner of choice to a line the fairytale theme ball. Couples, singles, friends all jumped to the dance floor when pop hits played from the hip DJ. The candy table was the biggest crowd pleaser of the night. What I thought was cute was watching all the young ladies waltz in with high heels that would make me trip in a second. As I watched in envy, I later would see lots of the same girls dancing barefoot. I guess heels hurt no matter what age  

Go War Eagles

RMS/ ACE was quite busy with the Homecoming Game and Dance the following night. The War Eagles did not win but their spirit and positive energy will be their best defense for their next game. During half time the Fairytale decorated theme golf carts rode around with each grades prince and princess and then crowned Casey Fernandez & Kortlin Saxton your king and queen. Like I said their positive energy and determination would be their win for the next game. Mother of one of the football players said it best. “ I have to say, our boys did a fantastic job today! They played their hearts out, stuck together and became a TEAM. They won their first game and made history winning 57 to 26! They have become stronger and have learned so much in such a short time. Our War Eagles made us proud today. Let’s give them the high five and show them we are very proud of all they have and are accomplishing! They are ONE!.”  

Mojave Trail Days

This is the first time in many years that I can remember the weekend of Mojave Trail Days having pretty nice weather. Vendors, kids games, food and fun for a great family day that local Helendale residents look forward to and folks from all around come to this yearly event. Linda Faye said “I went Saturday, had a great time as enjoyed the relaxing, down home family atmosphere.” Michelle Edmisten-Tacoronte commented, “I thought the food, entertainment and activities were amazing as my daughter loved the big bounce house and slides.” “It was nice, enjoyed the vendors and music, but maybe next year could get together with surrounding cities to make sure other events are not happening at the same time so that it does not take the business away from here,” Arlene Sather Johnson added.  

Spooky Dance

The Silver Lakes Association had their annual Halloween dance for the young ones and then later that evening for the teens. This year there were a lot more kiddos running around and dancing to all the hits dressed in some unique, pretty, original and scary costumes. There was a sugar snack bar in the library to make sure to send the kids home with some extra energy if they did not tire themselves out during the two hours of fun. The later hours were for grades 7th to 12th and was a lot quieter and fewer attendance. The teens that were there had plenty of room to dance and of course also fill up on sugar snacks.  

Annual Helendale Craft Fair

This event brings all the creative homemade painters, seamstress, jewelers and artists to the clubhouse to sell and buy various crafts. There had to be around forty vendors some were regulars but some were new to this yearly affair. It’s a great time to find those unique holiday gifts for friends or family members that have everything. It’s also a great place to buy items for non-creative people like myself in both regards as I found quite a few original pieces for my holiday giving. I personally think the craft fair should be a two day event and would make it perfect if they would sell home made treats!

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