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Whose Water Is It Anyhow?

The intent of this blog bends toward advocacy and helpfulness more than editorial, yet there may be a sidebar benefit to veterans by offering my take on the Apple Valley Water Wars. In a few hours there will be a showdown at the City Council. It is my belief that the results of this local debacle will make national news and possibly contribute to case law. My rationale is that this is not a matter of taxes and disclosures, it is a matter of national sovereignty. The Carlyle Group, and its interest in our national infrastructure and resources, should be of deep concern to anyone who took an oath to defend the United States of America. Their investors are from all over the globe, and I am not sure they are fully vetted by our National Security team. As a Marine, I for one do not want Saudi Arabian investors owning God’s water. Surely, we all recall where many of the 9-11 terrorists had their domicile. We all know that, ” water is the new gold,” and it is not with magnanimity that these folks, via their subsidiary Apple Valley Ranchos Water, are taking the city of Apple Valley to task. When Robert Dove, a managing Director of Carlyle Group, said during the purchase of Park Water, “this addition is a strategic addition to our fund…….”, my radar was triggered. “Strategic” means projected profits for investors, mostly without the same type of disclosure that some are demanding of the city of Apple Valley. I honestly do not want to wake up one day and realize I am leasing my water, excuse me, our water, God’s water, from a Hedge Fund. I did not defend my nation as a combat veteran to see this aberrant form of capitalism weasel it way into the public domain. As a matter of trust, I am going with my local municipality. I can find them. I can talk to them. I can vote them out of office. With private investment of our precious resources, I am relinquishing control involuntarily. Let us apply the Golden Rule here, in a legally binding bilateral fashion. The City shows in finances related to this deal, and Carlyle discloses its “strategic plan” to own American water supplies. In light of the Paris attacks, my trust level slipped for this global investment game. Bad deal ,wrong time. And why is Homeland Security not more interested in the purchase of natural resources on American soil? I have family and friends in both Felton, Ca. and Montana, areas that were declared to be in favor of private equity. I have found no one there to testify to that assertion. As an Apple Valley resident, I want my city to provide our water. Tax issues for me are minutiae, compared to a more overriding concern about foreign investment. The kind that our first President George Washington gave warning to as a open door to corruption and loss of sovereignty. .

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  1. Good piece you wrote here Mike! Very timely! Last week local NPR news show spoke about the Saudis buying and/or leasing large chunks of land in Arizona, 15K or more acres, and there are several other countries that are doing the same thing in Arizona. They raise hay and send it back to their homeland. They get cheap water in order to take care of the horse and livestock back home. Should they be surcharged or something for using our resources for their benefit? Or is that Capitalism at its best? So many folks have no idea about the gravity of the our water supply, who owns it, who leases and greatly profits from our waters, our resources. This is one reason why we need people who will inform us and strengthen us through their writings.
    A salute to you.

    • The very reason for a request for full disclosure of their plans to own much of the water in the Southwest. Ergo, the angst, maybe not for us, but our grandchildren. Thank you Mr. Sisson for the data from our neighbor State of Arizona. In this instance I do not think there are borders.

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