Hesperia's Carpet Corral Celebrates 50th

Bill,” the owner of Carpet Corral knows his stuff. And when he says, “Free Carpet, No Bull,” he means it. Celebrating 50 years in business this year, Bill has used his street smarts to get through rough times, as well as prosper during the good. When the housing market crashed, Bill realized he needed to come up with a way to keep his 40-plus employees working (30 of which are installers). “I was determined to keep people employed, and I figured out a way to do it,” he said. He accomplish it by coming up with a system that keeps his installers working every day. He buys huge truckloads of carpet remnant rolls, and stores them behind the store in containers. This saves on the cost of transporting it, and he gets a bulk price on the carpet. Advertising a 12’x12’ room of installed carpet for only $159, Bill says, “the customer is getting the carpet at less than cost! They’re only paying for the pad and installation.” He challenges anyone to come in and get a firm price for installing carpet in their home. “They can take that price to any other carpet store, and do their own comparison.” Bill landed in the High Desert by accident in 1964, when his car broke down on his way to Vegas. “I had to open a carpet business in order to afford the car repair,” he says. “I never planned to stay here, but here I am.” He attributes his success to a good work ethic, which he learned from his father who was a taxi driver. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat,” he said of that profession. Bill has also been a paper boy, shoe salesman, and worked at the Cushenberry (Mitsubishi) cement plant in Lucerne Valley in the past. Bill does not look his age of 72, probably because he’s constantly busy thinking up more things to do! Years ago, he designed a carpet installation pricing program using Novell computer technology. The same “cheat sheet” is still used today, updated for Windows. Go to www.CarpetCorral. com, click on “Wildbills’ Cheat Sheet,” and try it out for yourself!

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