Duffy Boats Receives MDAQMD Exemplar Award

An Adelanto-based manufacturer whose recreational electric boats have set the bar for zeroemission watercraft worldwide was recognized on September 28 by the Governing Board of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, as the local regulatory agency presented its 2014/2015 Exemplar Awards to Duffy Electric Boat Company. Duffy Electric Boat Company was acknowledged for utilizing efficient, emission-cutting processes in the production of its boats, while becoming an international leader in the “green” vessel market. Duffy’s boats are manufactured using spray booths and air particle vacuums designed to minimize volatile organic compound and particulate emissions into the atmosphere. Duffy also hand laminates all of its boats, a process which greatly reduces the dispersion of hazardous air pollutants into the air. With input and coordination from MDAQMD staff, Duffy has implemented optimized record keeping procedures which have demonstrated that recent operational changes have resulted in improved emission control management and emission reductions. Duffy employs about 68 employees at its Adelanto headquarters. Over 90% of these employees live locally, with work commutes averaging less than 30 minutes. In an effort to further reduce vehicle emissions, Duffy offers employees with longer commutes the option of working an alternate “4-10” (Four ten hours days) work schedule. In addition to taking pride in its “green” operations, Duffy is proud of its environmentally-friendly boats, which unlike conventional gasoline and diesel-powered watercraft, produce no smog-forming emissions. Thanks to Duffy’s patented power rudder, the battery-operated vessels can cruise at a top speed of five knots, about the same pace as a Rose parade float, without compromising the environment. As the leader in electric boat manufacturing, Duffy Electric Boats are sold internationally in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Far East, with more than half of the sales going to Southern California. Duffy Electric Boats are the official boat manufacturer for the Walt Disney Corporation and are the vessel of choice of the California Fish and Game Department for exploration of sensitive marine life habitats. “The MDAQMD applauds Duffy Electric Boats’ commitment to balancing its business operations with its environmental responsibilities,” commented MDAQMD Executive Director Eldon Heaston, adding, “We are proud to recognize Duffy’s role in protecting the MDAQMD’s legendary air quality.” Duffy Electric Boat Company’s Exemplar Award was accepted by Alfonso Figueroa, Safety & Compliance Manager. The Exemplar Awards recognize High Desert entities that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to clean air through the development of voluntary activities/projects that reduce or prevent air pollution within the MDAQMD’s jurisdiction, which encompasses San Bernardino County’s High Desert and Riverside County’s Palo Verde Valley. The Exemplar Awards are presented annually in association with National Pollution Prevention Week.

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