Anniversary of Women Over 50 Documentary Celebrated

Women between the ages of 50 and 83 shared in a five-year reunion of “Women Over 50,” a documentary featuring where they shared their greatest life lessons and teachings. The event was held at the Performing Arts Center at Victor Valley College The documentary was a dream of Regina Weatherspoon-Bell, who created the film from an idea she had over 30 years ago. First came the book, which was then made into a documentary from videotaped sessions with participants at their photo sessions. According to Weatherspoon-Bell, the result of the exploration and discussion with these extraordinary women is continued amazement at their beauty, wit, honesty and candor. The “Women Over 50” documentary first debuted in 2010 and the event reunited cast and crew members, plus the local community for a re-screening of the documentary. A photo exhibition was featured, showing photos by the photographer Benn Johnston. Master of Ceremonies for the event was Dr. Ali Tehrani, who gave a short introduction to the hour-long film, which had each woman answer the questions: “What was the greatest lesson you ever learned?” and “What was the greatest lesson you ever taught?” Featured in the documentary were prominent business women, teachers, artists, mothers, grandmothers, and many others sharing their insight into the world.

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