Nuggets to Nudge Away Negative Thoughts

For 30 years I have been incorporating the thoughts of Vernon Howard, philosopher and teacher, into my daily routines. I have elected to filter some of those nuggets back to the readers here with the wholehearted wish that they improve your outlook and attitude during some notably tumultuous times. Stop hurting. A hostile man shows it in his face. There is no way to hide it. Others read his face and know they can take advantage of him. How do they know? Because they know that anger indicates confusion and weakness. An angry person is easily influenced and equally open to being directed with simplistic thinking. Especially when smiling schemers pretend to be on his side against his enemies. Remember this if you do not like being deceived, hurt or robbed of your soulful self. It is practical to not be angry. See it even deeper. Anger is like an impressive Military officer who demands and gets strict submission from his soldiers, but who turns out to be a traitor who leads his men into battlefield defeat. Disobey the impulse to assault life with hostility. The peace that surpasses all understanding will then come to visit.

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