High Desert Is Fortunate To Have Point Man International Ministries In Our Community

Image : Michael BrewerPoint Man International Ministries is a Christian Veteran Advocacy non-profit organization formed in 1984 in the State of Washington by some Army Special Forces Vietnam Veterans. They identified very early on the need for a spiritual dimension in the dealing and healing from the rigors of war. The organization was initially established to support Vietnam Veterans and their families, but has since expanded to reach soldiers and veterans of all wars. The healing power of the message of Jesus Christ is at the core of their mission as they the message of freedom, hope, and reconciliation to their brothers in arms, through education, one on one counseling, support groups, retreats , workshops and conferences. Unlike other victims of traumas, war veterans carry scars that few humans ever experience. While the ministry of Point Man is helping veterans, “make peace with the past,” most all the Outpost Leaders have experienced some form of combat and the residual Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, allowing them a unique bonding trait with a gifted ability to literally walk “point,” with a combat veteran on a patrol to a newly liberated life.  Point Man appreciates all of the Outreach programs now offered across the nation, be they the Veterans Administration or the panoply of non-profits. PMIM simply wishes to add the spiritual dimension to the healing process which by their faith believe is the way to “the peace that surpasses all understanding.” We are most fortunate to have one of those long standing Outposts in Hesperia,California. The additional plum, is that the State of California Coordinator, Alan Kumlin, heads that Outpost. Point Man International Ministries Hesperia Outpost meets every Tuesday at 7pm at Hesperia Community Church 16775 Olive St and “C” St. For more information visit the website, “” or call Alan Kumlin at 760-244-4168 email: “”

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    • Not all of this is accurate. The subterranean movement to privatize the VA is at the genesis of a ton of stories. That number of 900.000 dates back for 40 years and includes every single individual that applied, long before the current means testing and Priority System. Imagine if every veteran who applied was accepted without vetting. The outcry would be equal. If you walk into an Eligibility office at any VA, you can often find out right on the spot where you are slotted. Beware of inflammatory anecdotes that get generalized to the whole system.

      • Went into the Eligibility Office at Loma Linda VA. They confirmed that it takes about thirty minutes to qualify a veteran for health care. Yes that does include a means test.

  1. Welcome Michael. I too am newer to the area as an OEF vet that moved here to better my health. I’d like to chat with you some time should you be free and able. E-mail me so we can get the ball rolling. Thanks again, sincerely Duane Von Eitzen.

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