Shade Structure Built at Hesperia Lake Campground

On July 29, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for a permanent shade structure built by Tyler Cales as his Eagle Scout project. The project was funded by the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation by way of the Ryan Cambridge Memorial Fund. Ryan Cambridge was a local contractor and business owner who tragically lost his life in a construction accident in 2005. Each year, Ryan’s legacy is kept in perpetuity by awarding up to $5000 in matching grants to local Eagle Scout troops for projects that are construction related. These projects are created in order to better enhance the community. For more information, call Jennifer Hernandez at (760) 247-0155, or (602) 909-0596.

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  1. It’s good to have shade structure because it served as protection from the rays of the sun. They also help keep picnic tables, playground equipment and other facilities cooler.

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