Don Brown Led Most Successful Years of VVC Foundation

The Victor Valley College Foundation’s 40th Anniversary served as a fitting backdrop for recognizing the service of its outgoing president, Donald P. Brown, who led the organization during what were arguably the Foundation’s most successful years ever. Brown served as president from July 2013-June 2015. While Brown was president, the Foundation brought in more than $22 million dollars to support the College and its partners in education. New alliances funded tutoring for students and opened new doors to internships that led directly to jobs for College graduates. During his tenure, the Foundation was repeatedly recognized for its innovative outreach programs including the Campaign for Classes and the Great Alumni Hunt. “The Foundation has gained lot of momentum in pursuit of our mission under Don Brown’s leadership. This is absolutely attributable to the people who have stepped forward to join him in making education a priority,” said Ginger Ontiveros, Executive Director, Victor Valley College Foundation. “Don’s leadership made a difference not only for our organization, but also for the students whose lives were changed in programs we helped in the past couple of years. Some of what we have done will change lives for years to come.” Brown received numerous accolades for his leadership, including several proclamations from local, regional, state and national elected officials. The College and Foundation both acknowledged his valuable service presenting him with official recognition plaques and acknowledging his wife, Jeannine for her support as well. “Leading the Foundation has been a very rewarding volunteer experience for me,” said Brown. “I know we will be in good hands with Eric Schmidt as my successor, but I will continue to help this valuable cause.” In his capacity as past president, Brown will work to energize the organization’s Emeritus Council which welcomed all of the Foundation’s Past Presidents to its membership this year. The Emeritus Council honors the service of long-standing Foundation Directors with a lifetime appointment to maintain their engagement in the organization’s mission. Brown advocated strongly for the Foundation to activate its past leaders in support of its future work. His passion for their renewed engagement is also shared by the Foundation’s new leaders. The Victor Valley College Foundation is a resource development, alumni outreach and public relations partner working to advance the Victor Valley College mission. The Foundation accepts donations to support College programs, fund scholarships and underwrite educational experiences for students. For more information visit the Foundation online at or find us on Facebook.

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