Plan to Improve Traffic at Oak Hills High School

Oak Hills residents are welcoming plans by San Bernardino County to relocate a four-way stop sign that is expected to improve traffic flow around Oak Hills High School. County work crew members will remove the multi-way stop control at Escondido Avenue and Fir Street and create a multi-way stop at Escondido Avenue and El Centro Road , San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Robert A. Lovingood announced. “It will be a big help,” said Terry Kostak, president of the Oak Hills Property Owners Association. “It will not be the total solution, but it will be a big step. This makes everybody happy.” Lovingood, Hesperia Unified School District Chair Eris Swanson, Superintendent David McLaughlin as well as County Public Works Director Gerry Newcombe have been working on plans to improve traffic flow around Oak Hills High School. Because of traffic flow issues around the school, some motorists take short cuts on private dirt roads. Travel on these dirt roads, which are not owned or maintained by the County, create clouds of dust. County officials conducted a traffic study to analyze the impacts of the changes. Lovingood has met with a variety of state and local officials to seek solutions. “I will continue working on this issue, and I want to thank everyone who has offered suggestions,” Lovingood said. “I believe this will be a positive change for the residents of Oak Hills.”

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