A Guinness World Record Attempt for Meditation

On the 8th of August at 2pm GMT, there is an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the largest worldwide online meditation. The event is being organised by the Art of Living foundation and participants will be guided into meditation by the founder Sri Sri Ravishankar from St.Petersburg, Russia. All of you are aware of the profound benefits of meditating, especially the effect it has when done together in large groups. So more than just setting a record, this is a chance to share those positive vibes of peace and love with the whole world through a global meditation. At the time of me posting this, 37,457 participants have registered from 1403 cities and 53 countries. It will be amazing to have each and everyone from this subreddit join in and bring more people along. There are many forms of practice and all are welcome to join. This is an attempt to bring together people cutting across all divisions and boundaries. I’m hoping we can touch a target of atleast 1Million people To register please visit You can also join in through a smartphone app, details of which are mentioned on the website. IMPORTANT!!! The Guinness World Records gets recorded only through the online connection at the time of meditation. It is important to all meditators, even in the same room, connect individually – for example, via the smartphone or on the website via separate computers.

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