Veteran Veritas Comes To Town

Image: Veteran Veritas LogoGood day to all the readers of the Desert News Post. Your Editor, Katrina Siverts recently invited me to join the team of bloggers and freelance journalists at this fine publication. I thought I would offer a brief introduction prior to commencing the posting of some home spun material. My name is Michael Patrick Brewer. My wife and I moved to Apple Valley, Califorinia from Tucson, Arizona five years ago. The motivation was simply to be nearer our family who had all relocated to Southern California. We are quite pleased with the quality of life and affordable living in the High Desert. I am a retired commercial property manager and private investigator for matters of real estate. I am also a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps as a result of combat service in Vietnam. I remain affiliated with most of the veteran fraternal organizations. The VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans. Past President and Life Member of Vietnam Veterans of America. Founder and Past Commandant of Apple Valley Marine Corps League, ( now newly chartered, Victor Valley Marine Corps League), and currently serve as their Department Service Officer and Chaplain. As a member of the California Writers Club High Desert Branch, I have been privileged to be able to mingle with many of the leaders and core volunteers in the High Desert, all of whom have led to the inspiration to contribute to the community. I lived in Tucson, Arizona for 51 years and was as civically involved for many of those seasons. Prior to moving here, I wrote for a Gannett owned newspaper; the “,” for five years. The contribution was titled, “VETERAN VERITAS,” That name and moniker have just now been transferred to this online community. My declaration to the readers here is that I will be diligent in bringing you timely and compelling material that relates primarily to Veterans Affairs and occasional critical issues related to our High Desert living. See you down the trail. Cordially, Mike Brewer

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  1. Great blog, Mike. Glad you and your family are residents now of the high desert. I’ve enjoyed volunteering with you in various California Writers Club activities, such as our prison outreach. I look forward to more blog posts!

  2. Good awakening Mike, but it sounds as if you’ve been doing anything but napping.

    Column suggestion: AO and it’s effects on the second and third generation of veterans’ families. Couple sidebars: AO effects in Vietnam; what the government is/isn’t Doug and recent congressional action.
    Good to see you are doing well!

  3. I’m glad Veteran Veritas is back! Looking forward to reading it again. Good decision.
    How can I re-read your words from the Tucson Citizen?

  4. Hi Mike! Heather and I were talking soccer the other day and I asked her who was the best soccer coach of her career? Your name sprung from her lips and I could not agree more! (I still use some of your techniques to train the coaches in my league on the south side.) I was looking for you to invite you to train my coaches, not realizing that you have left town! Glad to see you are still active wherever you land. Big hug! Alan

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