Jettin' with Jazzie July 2015

Fiesta Time

The Silver Lakes Social-Lites faced the hot weather and decided to have a Fiesta Pool Party at one of the lovely ladies house. Margaritas catered as Social-Lites had a choice to take a dip in the pool to cool off and sit under the umbrellas and chat about summer plans. It just goes to prove that no matter the weather, ladies will get together to share memories with friends.  

Batter Up

The ACE High School girls softball CIF Champions gave it their all this past season and made it to the final two. The girls took second which is no small prize as we have an incredible group of girls that really are dedicated and I am sure will come back swinging next year.  

Water Day

What a better way to end the school year then with Water Day. Half day full of water slides, bounce houses, beach balls, sponge races, bubbles and barbecue hot dogs. A big thank you to the PTC and all the parents that got out there and spent the day in the sun and of course getting wet.  


Fine Arts Factory dance musical this year was the fun 60’s “Hairspray,” performed at 8th Street Theatre in Victorville. From Pee Wee ballet, to hip hop, tap and jazz all the dancers performed numbers from the musical. The kids really worked hard and that was obvious with every routine flowed smoothly and was entertaining. The costumes were my favorite so far as some glowed in the dark, as others were bright pretty pastels and then of course the 60’s grease back hair and pony tails.  

Community Equals Family

I have lived in so many places all over the world, from big cities to small towns but Helendale is definitely a special town. One of the many wonderful things I can say about Helendale is how this community bands together for the good and the bad. A great example is just recently a small business/ homeowner has been fighting with Cancer, so her daughter decided to start a fundraiser/ raffle to help with her medical bills. Individuals, home based businesses and local shops joined in and donating so many wonderful items for this raffle. Dolce Vita not only donated a 55’ flat screen TV but opened up their doors to host the fundraiser as a dinner with some of the proceeds going to help our friend in need. So, from one little resident…thank you Helendale!!!

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