Pirate Renaissance Fair Comes to Victorville Fairgrounds

The inaugural Pirate Renaissance Faire was held at the Victorville Fairgrounds on March 21 and 22. The event was called “The Golden Age of Piracy” with revelry, fun and merrymaking. Attendance was heavy for a brand new event like this, attesting to the desire of High Desert folks for something new to entertain them. In addition to locals, the event drew from other pirate guilds from all over California, Arizona and Nevada, who brought their camps full of cutthroats, and their treasures plundered from distant shores. Many performers were wandering the grounds, joking with people, juggling balls and other items, like knives, and acting crazy and drunk. Many attendees got into the spirit by wearing historical pirate clothing, like puffy white shirts with vests, or corsets for the women. There were skits, music groups and other entertainment, like the Belles of Bedlam singers, or the Drunken Sailor acts on stage with their silly, slapstick performances, and even some traditional folk songs. Kids had fun getting their faces painted or hair braided, while many adults were had fun with beer and rum. A giant battle of pirates vs. Spanish soldiers featured live cannons. Visit:

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