VVWRA Receives Incentive Refund Check from SCE

Southern California Edison presented the VVWRA Board of Commissioner with an incentive refund check for $48,846.27. The check was in response to new energy saving methods of operating the VVWRA UV Disinfection system. The methods were developed by VVWRA Director of Operations Gilbert Perez and his staff. UV Disinfection uses powerful UV lights to disinfect the wastewater and traditionally is one of VVWRA’s biggest energy users. Perez and his team developed and put in place a new operating protocol that has resulted in dramatic energy savings. Perez said, “This was a great team effort. I threw out the idea and our employees made it happen.” The new protocols and procedures are also expected to save money on equipment maintenance and replacement, which in turn keeps costs down for ratepayers.

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