Jettin' with Jazzie – March 2015

Volunteers Rock!

The 5th Annual Community Service Awards were rocking with the 50’s theme this year. This great event is to promote and thank all the wonderful volunteers that donate their valuable time to make our Silver Lakes a great place to call home. As being the Fabulous 50’s there were many pink poodle skirts and rolled up white t-shirts as the desired wear. The food however, I can say that I am glad I did not grow up in this era of green Jell-O with carrots and pineapple topped with mayonnaise as an appetizer. Barabra Jean played the greatest hits as Julie Garland and Ken Best hosted with some singing by Ken and the lovely Deserettes. This event never would exsist without the creator, Shirley Hummitsch. Let’s remember it is not about the food or music but about giving thanks to the people that volunteer. The winners each received $500 to donate to their favorite local Helendale charity. And the winners are; Joan Berry for Woman of The Year, Pros Grimes for Man of The Year, Bob and Julie Schneider for Couple of The Year, Curves for Business and Codie James Liefeld for Student. Joan Berry has lived in Silver Lakes since 1987 and founded Professional Realty. She is very involved personally and with her company with donating her time and money to youth sports, golf tournaments and senior outreach t name a few. Pros Grimes, sadly to say, we lost at the beginning of the year, but his wife, Sheri Grimes, step son and daughter accepted his award with tears of sadness and gratitude for the community acknowledging this wonderful man. Pros was a Sunsetter Car member and coached the ACE high school softball team to winning the CIF Championships last year. Bob and Julie Schneider have lived here since 2001 and are both very active in many committees such as golf, budget and social. Shake your hips to Curves owned by Vicki and Bill Heppe. Not only have they motivated Silver Lakes residents to get into shape but they are always opening their doors and hearts to help the community. Let’s not forget the student of the year that receives $1000 scholarship for college. The three participants were all over qualified for this award, in fact to be honest, when reading their bios they do more volunteer work and extra curricular activities than most adults I know. Codie James Liefeld of Riverside Prep accepted this honor having a 4.14GPA and being an Eagle Scout and part of marching band, this young man has a bright future ahead of him.  

What Water Conservation

  I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a judge at The 78th Annual Lions Club Student Speaker Contest this year. The five students had to talk about the chosen topic of ‘Water Conservation – How Can We Reduce, Recycle and Reclaim.’ As everyone is well aware we are in a drought and conserving water is a must especially living in the desert so any tips on how to save water I need. The five students were well prepared and presented themselves like young adults. Each of the ladies pointed out something that I did not know about our water and different ways to conserve and unique ways to recycle. It was really hard being a judge as each of these young women carried themselves with confidence and knowledge that I know each one of them will be a great force in our future. The winner was Kyra Thomas from ACE but would also like to mention Hayley Wheeler, Celestina Esquibel, Linda Pack all from ICA as all did a great job.  

To The Left

It was nice seeing familiar faces and a few have not seen in awhile faces to the Social-Lite Game Night. This Valentine themed night had three games of Left/Right/Center dice game with three tables set up to play. Red was the choice of color to wear and win a prize. At one point I went to the ladies room and two people stopped me to ask what was going on in the Terrace Room and I said just a bunch of ladies rolling dice to win some wine or chocolate. The usual fun time we have.  

Daddy’s Girls

This year was the 11th Annual Daddy Daughter dance with 125 pretty girls and their dressed sharp fathers. Lots of pictures were taken as everyone danced to trendy music, ate a lovely dinner and the young ladies each received a rose and bear for their special night.  

Heads or Tails

February 7th was the annual election for the three positions opening up on the Silver Lakes Association Board of Directors and much to everyone’s surprise, there was a first time ever tie. Billy Rosenberg and Yvonne Ellis kept their seats but incumbent, Jim Baum tied 610 votes with newcomer Jasmine Shireen Kresh. The machine ran the ballots three times to make sure as everyone waited in anticipation. General Manager, Michael Bennett, then said a coin toss could be the resolution if both parties agreed. If not a revote would have to take place and would cost an estimated $8000 dollars. I proceeded to ask where that money would come from as I did not want the homeowner as myself for our dues to go up for this revote and I was told that the money comes from a contingency funds for items like these that come up. So, when I was asked I said that the position of being on this board was way too important than tossing a coin and deciding if I should have the third seat by means of heads or tails. When Jim Baum was asked he opted for a coin toss. Because of this the meeting was adjourn with the decision of a revote. That next week, the legal office of Davis/Sterling contacted the board and told them that a coin toss was not a proper option in a tie, as they found in the paperwork that a revote was the automatic option when a tie is presented in this circumstance. February 27 the new ballots with just Jim Baum and Jasmine Shireen Kresh will be the names and only one vote per homeowner will be allowed. Election day is scheduled for April 1, 2015. Please vote and remember to sign your envelope!   To Access all Jettin’ with Jazzie photos, “Like” our Facebook Page: Desert News Post, go to “Photos” then “Albums” and look for “Jettin with Jazzie 2015”, or copy this link:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1575631926012363.1073741847.1411242655784625&type=3

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