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Adelanto Grand Prix Returns to Delight of Fans and Riders

After a year off, the Adelanto Grand Prix returned January 2 through 4, and was a rousing success. In 2014, for the first time in 30 years, the event was not held by the Desert Vipers Motorcycle Club. Prohibitive costs incurred by the City of Adelanto was the main factor. In addition, city hall worried about safety concerns involving theft of campers’ property and drunken fights. The 2013 Grand Prix stressed law enforcement capabilities with 1500 people being arrested over a three day period. “There was a Wild West atmosphere at the last Grand Prix. People were camping everywhere around a 12-mile race course and bikes were getting stolen and fights were everywhere,” said Southern Cal Motorcycle Club President Brian Nasif. The City of Adelanto, wanting to resume the Grand Prix with a safer environment, proposed the idea of wrapping the race around Maverick Stadium, thus providing a site where areas could be monitored and property secured. Darrell Courtney (of High Desert Events) came aboard as event director and the Southern Cal Motorcycle Club (SOCALMC) agreed to sponsor the event. Four months of talks and planning ensued. To the delight of the city fathers the 2015 Grand Prix came off beautifully with only three arrests in three days and no bikes stolen. “We were able to have an eight-mile course this year bordered by Adelanto Road to the west and the pipe factory to the east. Campers were not as spread out. There were designated camping areas being monitored within fences. People didn’t have to worry about theft and with everyone in closer proximity a sense of civility returned,” Nasif said. “We wanted to combine a family atmosphere with a great race. All parties were happy with this year’s outcome and are onboard for next year,” said Nasif. The Grand Prix saw 1500 entrants and 17,000 spectators over the weekend. The 150-member SOCALMC volunteered to help the event happen. “The city was not financially invested in the event, they just wanted people to come to the city. The stadium owners helped the event happen, as well,” said Nasif. “We’re a non-profit club. We just want to make money so we can put on more races,” said Nasif.

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