Jettin' with Jazzie – January 2015

School Newsworthy

While volunteering at Helendale Elementary, I was in the cafeteria and was introduced to two ICA (Independence Charter Academy) students, Celestina Esquibel and Aililah Esquibel, whom are sisters and part of the internship between schools. As part of their curriculum the sisters work in the cafeteria to earn credits and job experience. They were both so positive and sweet. Celestina is a senior and looking go to college next year. This is a wonderful program that really helps students learn more then just being in a classroom.  

Helendale Soccer Wins

Last year ACE girls softball team won the CIF Championships, marking Helendale on the sports map. Now, we have another sports team to brag about. Over Thanksgiving break Helendale AYSO U-10 Yellow Jackets won the Apple Valey Turkey Shoot of 2014! This was no small win as the best teams of the High Desert compete to win this title. This three day event was intense as parents, friends and family went out there to support these great kids and coaches. On Sunday, the playoff was with Victorville and they are a team that play all year long while our soccer season is only four months. Both teams were tired but the game had to continue with two extra periods, due to the game was tied one to one.  After playing the two extra times the two teams were still tied. The referee then called both head coaches out to pick 5 players for penalty kicks to determine the winner. It was a nail bitter till the last player from the Yellow Jacket went up to kick the final shoot and missed. Victorville team was screaming with joy till the referee stated it didn’t count because he didn’t blow the whistle.  Helendale had other chance to make it. The referee blew the whistle and our player scored the goal giving the Yellow Jackets the Championship. “Every single parent ran into the field screaming and yelling of joy hugging there own kids as they were all crying of joy, including the parents and coaches.” Augie Espizona told me with a big proud smile on his face, as he was the coach of this hard working team.

Congrats to Silver Lakes Yellow Jackets!

Armando Romero #13 Raymond Hernandez # 18 Lydia Banuelos # 3 Erik Salinas # 11 Zekiel Garcia # 21 Olivia Benitez # 12 Brandon Gonzales # 20 Grant Heggenberger # 9 Trevor Tobiasson # 2 Westin Forbes # 17 Max Driffin # 16 Maddy Nichols # 4  

Silver Lakes Board

It’s that time again in our community where there are three positions opening for the Association Board of Directors and I am running again. I have lived in Silver Lakes for almost 15 years raising both my boys here. I moved from LA to be closer to my mother after my father passed and found a wonderful community. I’ve always wanted to live in a close knit place and I’m following that dream. My mom, two boys and family pets all live here where it’s still wholesome & has a feel of what small towns were known for and still should be. This is what I will work to maintain. I am very active in the Helendale School District, our Chamber, AYSO Soccer & our recreation committee. I’m also Current Events writer for our three local papers. I want to be on your Board of Directors. I have a strong commitment to do what is best for all of us, will listen to your concerns, take action on your behalf & keep you informed. Come out and meet the candidates on January 7th at the clubhouse at 7:00pm and again on January 17th at 10:00am at the Lions Center. You will also be able to ask any concerns and questions that you may have. There needs to be a change and whether you vote for me or not, it is so important that you please vote on February 7th at the clubhouse.  

Holiday Home Tour

The Helendale Chamber of Commerce presented its 15th Annual Holiday Home Tour with some beautiful homes decorated beyond any holiday town I have ever seen. There was a lovely Victorian Christmas theme feel at the home of Cheryl and Bob Kalich. Santa and his lovely wife was there to take your wish lists and share some cookies and milk. Stan and Gloria Rhodes home was like an actual storybook house with the most intricate details to every inch of this dream abode. Jan & John Miller has a sense of fun humor with their Santa office of naughty/ nice lists overflowing and boxes of coal to be shipped. Shirley & Scott Cleveland had a peaceful home with Indian art throughout and a relaxing brook nestled in the back yard. Each of the eight houses to view had beautiful hostesses to greet you and tell you a few details about the home. I must say all were done so elegantly yet warm, and most of all full of the holiday spirit.  

3rd Annual Music Fest

Helendale Senior Outreach presented their holiday themed music morning with Mr. Chuck Love as Master Witt and Banter of Ceremonies. If you were not wearing red/green or Christmas sweater you were in the wrong place. The CSD set up a jolly little wonderland stage for all the singers to belt out their favorite melody. Dale Leach crooned “On A Snowy Christmas Night,” and Cheryl Burt swayed to “Grown Up Christmas List,” as Joelle Olguin had a standing ovation no matter what she sang. The Deserettes (Kimberly Cox, Vicki Heppe and Merrilee Leggitt) sang in perfect harmony and Tom Kirk with Ken Best caroled “Lil’ Drummer Boy,” in their matching sweaters. I have a feeling everyone left humming their favorite Christmas song.

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