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Yucca Loma Corridor Progress A Year After Groundbreaking

Yucca Loma Corridor Progress One Year After Groundbreaking APPLE VALLEY, CA – The Yucca Loma Corridor project will ultimately connect Yucca Loma Road in Apple Valley to Green Tree Boulevard in Victorville. While the entire project will take years, Phase I is well underway with construction of the Yucca Loma Bridge, which began in February 2014. When complete, the bridge will span the Mojave River from Yucca Loma Road in Apple Valley to Yates Road in Victorville, north of Spring Valley Lake. Construction began almost exactly one year ago, when the Town of Apple Valley held a groundbreaking ceremony on January 10, 2014. By August 2014, crews had sunk 60 foundation piles as much as 90 feet into the ground to support the 1,600-foot-long, four-lane bridge. On October 1, the last rebar cage was set for piles to make the support piers for the bridge, bringing the project to about 40 percent completion. On December 22, it was announced that Abutment 1 at the Spring Valley Lake side of the bridge had it’s framing substantially completed, and Abutment 14 at the Apple Valley end had all of its columns near completion. Construction of the entire route is a three-phase project. Phase I is expected to be complete before the end of 2015, and Phase II may start in mid-year. One drawback of Phase I completion is a potential bottleneck as traffic empties out from Ridgecrest Road onto Bear Valley Road. This situation would be eased once Victorville can build its phase of the east-west corridor. That route consists of Ridgecrest Road to Hesperia Road at Green Tree Boulevard, projected to be complete sometime in 2017. Phase II consists on more work to be done on the Apple Valley side of the bridge. It consists of widening and improvements of Yucca Loma Road east of Apple Valley Road leading up to the bridge itself. The road will expand from the current two lanes to a future four lanes. Other features include construction of a drainage facility, sound wall, traffic signals (including one for emergencies at the current fire station), a pedestrian/bike path on the south side and a sidewalk on the north side of Yucca Loma Road. Phase II is scheduled to start by mid-2015. Phase III is the portion of the corridor located within the City of Victorville. This phase will eventually extend Green Tree Boulevard about one mile, from Hesperia Road to Ridgecrest and Yates roads. The cost of Phase III is estimated at $36-$39 million. The right-of-way acquisition phase for Phase III should begin soon. This includes a four-lane bridge over the Burlington North Santa Fe railroad tracks and an extension of Green Tree Blvd. The design work on the railroad bridge is reported to be 35 percent complete, and could start construction in early 2017, under Victorville’s authority. On December 18, 2014 the Victorville City Council approved a $1.2 million funding agreement for right-of-way acquisition on the Green Tree Boulevard Extension Project, with the money to be fully reimbursed by San Bernardino County Associated Governments (SANBAG). It is the final link of the larger multi-agency Yucca Loma Corridor. The Yucca Loma Bridge and other major construction projects in the High Desert, including the Ranchero freeway overpass, can be monitored by webcam online at:

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