Homeless Shelter Christmas Eve Gift Distribution

For the second year, on Christmas Eve, the National Spirit of Freedom-Veterans First organization partnered with the Kicks Kafe Senior Klub to sponsor the Christmas Extravaganza and Santa Claus Visit at the Victor Valley Homeless Services office in Victorville. It was an evening of smiles, hugs, and lots of gifts and fun for the little ones, their families and other individuals who are living there while they find permanent housing. Over 300 gifts were collected at various events, and from generous individuals, along with the High Desert Farmer’s Market vendors and patrons, who dropped off gifts at the Kicks Kafe and Spirit of Freedom booth. Thanks go to the many sponsors, friends and volunteers for making this endeavor possible. It’s always a delight and joy serving others! For more photos, go to, click on “Photos” then on “Albums” and select the album for “Homeless Shelter in Victorville Christmas Eve 2014”

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