Healthy, Holistic, and Spiritual Living Presented at Healthy Spirit Festival

Healthy living and holistic health was promoted during the Healthy Spirit Festival, held at Hi-Desert Center for Spiritual Living on September 27. Located in Apple Valley, the show information, products and services from a variety of alternative healers, health practitioners, vendors, spiritual counselors, health and wellness workers, and other’s associated with the world of mind-body-spirit. Lectures and demonstrations included Shamanic Healing, Laughter Yoga, Craniosacracal Therapy, Art of Happiness, Hypnotherapy, Healthier Future, and Shamanic Healing. Services offered were acupuncture, massage, aura reading, breathing exercises, hypnosis and more. Hi-Desert Center for Spiritual Living is located at 18575 Corwin Road in Apple Valley, phone (760) 242-2302.

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