Jettin' With Jazzie – November 2014

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Bon Appetite! The International Walk Around was a huge success. I was told by several ladies what a fun, new exciting idea and already asking Lacey when the next one will be. Palettes were pleased by all the amazing food from Italian, Mexican, French, Israeli and Thai were the countries represented. The five wonderful chefs aka hostesses went all out to create dishes from the country they decided to choose. Barbara Jean served stuffed mushrooms and some delectable meatballs Italian style. Dottie Kaufman presented taquitos with guacamole with chips and salsa for Mexican. Gail Cole served the kosher style Lox with bagels and cream cheese and a few blintzes to the mix. Let’s not forgot Barb Midilkoski with her mouth watering Thai coconut chicken soup. The International Cuisine would not be complete without the French bread with Brie and grapes at the lovely home of June Fuller. The women of Galleon Lane get 5 stars and two thumbs up!  

Halloween Hustle

Everyone did the Halloween hustle at this year’s Silver Lakes Association Youth Halloween Dance. It was quite incredible as I chaperoned and have never been around that many zombies, Elsa’s, clowns and other scary creatures in one place. The clubhouse was decorated in haunting fashion with Egor, the butler, to greet you as you entered past the tombs of mummies and spiders. The library was turned into a dark room for feeding the hungry witches, monsters, and vogue cats. There were so many wonderful and creative costumes that is was very hard being a judge and getting to only pick my top five as I could have easily chosen twenty amazing kids dressed I their Halloween best. After all the young ones were sent home full of sugar the teens came in ready to dance and hang out with their friends. Scary projections of hauntingly evil forms were on the walls for the teens only. There were not as many teens this year but the ones that were there danced and had a fun time and had some awesome costumes as well.  

Senior Says

  The annual Senior Health Fair was crowded once again this year. Several health groups had their tables and pamphlets and trinkets all set up at Grace Bible Church for the residents of Helendale. Various health care providers were available as well as the Fire Department and nearby vets for your pets. My personal favorite was the VVAPL as one of the helpers was a very cute terrier. Some came to get their blood pressure taken, have lunch and get questions answered about their current health plan and options.  

My Man of The Year

It was a very bittersweet good bye in Silver Lakes as our favorite guy, Bob Slogan, manager of The Silver Lakes Restaurant has resigned from his job. Bob worked for our community for over three years and would travel over 100 miles a day for his commute. Bob always greeted everyone with a smile and fun banter. Bob is a proud father of two children on their way to college and needed employment that kept their promises for his much deserved bonus agreement. There were so many residents, clubs, and friends that came to give their best wishes to Bob at his Farewell Party. As I talked to several patrons, we all agreed that we did not accept his resignation, but are happy and understanding for his new venture.  

Holy Bat Cars!

On Sunday, October 13 Vista Road was closed to traffic but open to 75 classic cars at the first Sunsetters Car Show of Helendale. Vendors were set up and hot rods were lined all the way down the street for people walk, shop and check out the classic beauties. Several awards were given out such as Best of Show, Most Unique, Kids Choice and People Choice. There was even an award given by Dan Woods of television show “Chop Cut Rebuilt.” And two special awards donated and chosen by Stewart Failing of “Junkin Ain’t Easy.”

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