Tortoise Lady Presents Program During Friends of Apple Valley Library Meeting

Mary Dutro, better known as “The Tortoise Lady,” gave an outstanding presentation at the Friends of the Apple Valley Library meeting Tues. Aug. 12.

To the delight of the members and guests in attendance, Mary brought seven of her four-legged hard-shelled friends, ranging from a tiny one-year-old to various ages and sizes of adults.

Keep in mind, a tortoise can live to be well over 100 years old.

Mary shared her extensive knowledge of the desert tortoise, including diseases and treatments, adoption permits, and the effects of human encroachment on the tortoise habitat.

Joining Mary, who serves as the adoption chairperson of the High Desert Chapter of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club, was President Dave Zantiny, who taught us, among other things, how to tell the males from the females.

So if you come across any unwanted or injured tortoises, please contact Mary (760)247-2364 or Dave (760)792-3753, so they can assess the tortoise’s health and well-being and find a suitable home.

We thank them for their patience and dedication in saving our native desert critters.


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