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Second Annual Healthy High Desert Summit Focuses on Nutrition

The second annual Healthy High Desert Summit was held on September 18 at the Courtyard Marriot in Hesperia.

The focus was on eating well in our community and how to avoid the standard American diet.

The M.C. was Jennifer Resch-Silvestri of Kaiser Permanente, who introduced Mark Hoffman of PlaceWorks. He spoke about a policy of building parks and recreation systems for the High Desert to help people get more active.

Next up was Karen Bridgford and the Apple Valley High School team of students who are promoting a change in the eating habits of teens by offering healthy choices at school.

Chef Melvin Jones from St. Mary Medical gave a healthy eating cooking demonstration. He cooked a healthy snack full of vegetables with a lettuce wrap instead of bread. It was quick, delicious and nutritious.

Jot Condie, president of the California Restaurant Association talked about changes in the industry and how preferences of diners are heading towards more healthful choices, with vegetarian options becoming more popular, plus trends toward local fresh locally grown produce.

Carol Bartolotto of Kaiser Permanente showed how restaurant meals can add up to 1000’s of calories, and offered substitute meals that are filling but have fewer calories.

A vendor fair offered health information from medical groups, and other organizations.

The event was organized by the Academy for Grassroots Organizations which educates non-profits.


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