Rick Roelle Asks for Your Vote for Apple Valley Town Council on November 4

Rick Roelle has a proven track record of protecting Apple Valley’s “Better Way of Life.” During his eight years as an Apple Valley Town Council Member and Mayor, he stood firm against special interests who wanted to alter Apple Valley’s high development standards and reduce residential lot sizes to those in neighboring cities. Rick never voted to downsize lot sizes. Nor did he support gutting Measure N which protects Apple Valley’s half acre rule. Here are some of Rick’s accomplishments: • Secured funding for the Yucca Loma Bridge while serving on SANBAG; • Pushed to fund a Sheriff’s Gang Suppression Team in Apple Valley • Secured funding to add Twelve Sheriff’s Deputies to the Towns’ police force; • Fought hard to stop a rezone to higher density housing on a large piece of land near Sitting Bull road • Asked hard questions about the closing of several Fire Stations in Apple Valley and came up with solutions without raising taxes! You can count on Rick Roelle to never give in to special interest groups! Rick is longtime resident of Apple Valley and takes enormous pride in Apple Valley’s “ Better Way of Life’ and will fight hard to maintain it! Rick Roelle would be honored to have your vote on November 4.

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  1. Katrina Siverts has outlined most of the reasons I will (and have in the past) vote for Rick Roelle.
    Those that would like to see Apple Valley become more like cities “down the hill” should instead, vote for encumbents.

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