Children Learn About Insects During Bug Fest at the Victor Valley Museum

Kids had a hands-on adventure at the Victor Valley Museum during Bug Fest, held on August 9.

Museum volunteer Skip Forster showed a lot of patience while excited children squirmed and giggled.

The place was crawling with creatures both large and small.

Grown-ups tended to say “eww bugs” while most of kids loved them. Creepy, crawly activities included cockroach races, a classroom slide show presentation, and much bug-themed hoopla.

Huddled around the cockroach races ring were girls and boys, who giggled while their chosen Madagascar cockroaches took off down the course and raced toward the finish line.

They tickled their cockroaches with long feathers to get them to race faster.

Insect games, craft creations, stories and other activities were included. Kids could peer through microscopes, and learn some amazing facts during the Believe it or Not bug trivia game.

This was the second year that the museum has hosted the popular event using insect specimens from the museum’s regular collection.

This day the bugs were out, including the tarantulas, for kids of all ages to see up close.

“The purpose behind all this is to give the kids some insight into what an insect is,” said Forster before beginning his insect discovery presentation.

The Victor Valley Museum is located at 11873 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley. Admission is $5 (adult), $4 (senior or military), and $2.50 (student). Children under 5 are free.

For more information, call (760) 240-2111, or visit


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