Music in the Moonlight Benefits Children’s Foundation

Music in the Moonlight was held on June 7, in an outdoor setting with hills, a pond and the sunset in the background.
The event is an opportunity to thank donors who have contributed to the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation.

Dinner entertainment was provided by the local band, Flashback, that played some good jazz for attendees as they enjoyed their meal.

A Las Vegas act, Shades of Sinatra wowed the crowd with hits from Old Blue Eyes himself. This original musical production pays tribute to Frank Sinatra with most of the signature tunes and plenty of zany humor among the cast. They really put on a great show for the crowd.

The Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation was founded by Chett Hitt to help young adults pursue their educational dreams. Recipients generally have suffered a major tragedy (like the loss of a parent). Since its inception in 2007, the non-profit organization has presented eight local high school students with college scholarships worth $20,000.

This year’s recipient, Morgan Oakley, lost his father during a tragic accident at Dumont Dunes in 2012. During the incident, Oakley sat with another victim and helped her while waiting for medical help, even while knowing his father had died.

The Music in the Moonlight event is a way to bring more awareness to what the foundation is doing, which includes expanding the scholarship program for kids with character who are really deserving.

Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation hosts a grief support group for teens led by accredited counselors, and a Memory Bear program for children who have lost a parent or grandparent. The bears have a special pocket to hold a personal item that belonged to the deceased.

Jennifer Hernandez is the executive director of the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation. For more information, visit or call 760-247-1306, ext. 230.


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