Jettin' With Jazzie – July 2014

Here’s To Health
May 24th was the 21st Senior Health Fair sponsored by Silver & Fit and hosted by local business, Curves. Outside there were seven booths set up to educate, hand out samples and share their knowledge of leading a healthier lifestyle. Inside Curves there were a variety of healthy foods to munch on and Sharon Spurrier and Vickie Heppe to answer questions and help with your workout routine.

FAF Gives Back
Twice a year, Jami Wiseman Graham and her local dance studio, Fine Arts Factory, perform at the Veteran Home in Barstow. Before the students perform their shows for a larger audience, they come here so that all the Veterans can have a chance to see the recital. The smiles on Veteran’s faces and the students was more than priceless, it was an honor to watch.


ACE Softball Update
A picture is a thousand words. We won! The girls softball team won the entire CIF championships. These dedicated young ladies have put Silver Lakes on the map. One simple word, congrats!


Order Up
“A big thank you to Silver Lakes Market,” Georgia Ritchie commented, as they donated groceries to the First annual Senior Pancake Breakfast. North Beach looked like an outdoor IHOP as volunteers were behind the long tables of griddles making pancakes, eggs and sausage. The aroma brought over children, parents and seniors alike, as was a perfect morning for pancakes. If it were up to me every morning would be a pancake kind of morning. It was such a success that Jean Mierneck said for sure will be another.


Memories Made
I have not heard the graduation theme music since I graduated college. It’s amazing how time goes by us so fast. I sat in the Riverview Middle School gymnasium watching the 8th grade graduation and is bittersweet for me as my son will be there next year. Next to me were parents, family and friends with balloons, flowers, cards and a few tears of joy as we watched the young teens dressed to impress for high-school.

8th grade class president, Charisma Romero, gave a small speech about the future and some special awards were given to a few students. The citizenship award went to Haley Hubbard and Marvin Barrett. The Eagle Award , which recognizes the most well rounded and involved in the community went to Charles Earl and Charisma Romero.


Thrift Store Make Over
It looks like the show “Extreme Makeover,” came into the CSD thrift store. New carpets, paint job, signs to direct you, everything color coordinated, itemized and amazingly organized is what the thrift store looks like today. An actual department store style, but no thanks to any TV show. The employees spent a couple sleepless nights attending to every detail. As before if you asked one of the ladies where something was they could always find it for you but now you walk in and it is all visible for you. The store is open everyday from 9 to 5.


Social Tea
Rain and cold won’t keep the Social-Lites Tea Party away. About twenty ladies bundled up on Tina Braddock’s beautiful back yard overlooking the golf course. All were dressed in their Sunday best wearing gloves, fancy hats and dresses were the attire for this event. Cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad and delectable scones with dip were served with a Tealightful demonstration and tasting. Did I mention that the scones were simply divine, as I ate at least seven of them.

There was several variety of teas, with half I never knew existed. From cherry chocolate truffle to coconut dream Angie Montgomery, Tealightful representative for Silver Lakes, let us sample and explained the importance and ingredients of different teas. Best hat went to June Fuller who not only made her hat but also came early and helped decorate. Even though was a bit chilly, Tina brought out blankets for us to keep warm.
Donna Webb, you are loved and will miss your great stories and bright smile.


Up Up and Away
The Fine Arts Factory celebrated it 26th Anniversary with a dance rendition of Mary Poppins with a few added twists of modern hits.
About fifty kids dressed in colorful costumes, some even glowed in the dark, performed at High Desert Center for The Arts in Victorville. It was a tapping, jazz, ballet, hop hopping modern take on Mary Poppins, with kids ages 3 to 18 all from Silver Lakes dancing their energetic hearts and feet off.

There was a neon glow in the dark version of “What Does The Fox Say,” jazz style, to an exquisite ballet performance of “Feed The Birds,” and even a hip hop dance of “Step In Time.” The theatre was sold out for the three performances and was a special treat for the dads on the last recital was on Father’s Day. Jami Wiseman Graham, the teacher and choreographer worked her dancers hard but paid off as was a great success.


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