Jettin' with Jazzie – June 2014

Cottontail in Silver Lakes

The annual Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success at Parmelee field this year put on by Marta Kraemer and her hard working team of the recreation department.
The Easter Bunny stole the day as she posed with babies, toddlers, teens and parents sitting by her, and even on her lap. The line was long to see this cute bunny. Even all four ‘Women of The Year’ got a chance to cozy up to the most popular six-foot bunny around town.
After pictures it was off to the fields to line up for the start of the egg seizing. Every field was full of colorful plastic eggs filled with chocolate (next year I would advise the Easter Bunny to put candy instead so it does not melt) and divided by age group to collect and try to find the special eggs that were for actual baskets. It was fun and crazy to see kids of all ages ready to storm the field strategically planning their attack.
If that was not enough to entertain and fill the kids full of candy, Diane Golden donated her time and artistic gift to make a life size version of the Candy Land game. A large colored dice was tossed as the kids moved throughout the game to pass each character to win candy pieces.
Even though it got hot early, it did not stop anyone from enjoying the morning fun.


Big Boy Moving

If you blinked you missed it as the 1.2 million pound largest steam locomotive, Big Boy 4014, passed via our lovely town.
Around fifty or so people were gathered by the railroad tracks, as I was lucky enough to be heading to town with my five year old and was curious what was all the commotion. So, of course we pulled over and just in time as some pople were waiting there 45 minutes to catch a glimpse of this once in a lifetime event. Big Boy has been at the LA County Fair for the last fifity years but was relocating 1300 miles away to Cheyenne to be fully restored to it’s 1940’s self. It did make a few acutal stops along the way via Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, but as it passed our little community they waved, tugged the horn and then it was gone. Glad my son and I got to see it and wave.


Little Church on The Prairie

That is exactly what the Helendale Community Church looks and feels like when you drive through the gates. Valeria Brown (2012 Women of The Year) maintains and donates all of her time to this well run place to gather for all.
Every month, HCC provide a food and clothing give away for all who are in need. I walked into the church and there were bags and bags full of canned and perishable foods. Outside there are tables full of donated clothing and other items that are free to whomever are in need. Valeria told me that some of the clothes are for kids to wear to school. I really like the idea of giving instead of donating to somewhere that in returns sell your items.
HCC is a special place where regulars go to have coffee, conversation and of course volunteer their time. If you ever want to donate or help you will not be turned away.


Mother’s Day Magic

The mothers asked and we received. The Association heard our Facebook rants and had the first Mother/Son Night with magic and dinner.
Anthony The Magic had the moms and sons in awe with the variety of tricks he had up his sleeves, in his hat and behind the curtain. He really involved his audience in almost every act and kept everyone guessing of how he did them.
It was really nice to see the moms dressed up and their sons, some in suits, dress shirts or just out of their sport clothes, proud to be out with their special lady by their side. This is actually the tenth year for the Father/ Daughter Dance and we had almost the same amount of tickets sold for the very first Mother/ Son event.
When I asked some of the boys their favorite act, the majority said they loved Anthony The Magic’s finale when he made it snow. The Houdini switch with his pretty side-kick had me stumped, as well as the telephone book mystery, and the…okay, as you can read he was really quite entertaining. What a great Mother’s Day present to spend a night with our favorite boys in our lives. Looking forward to next year with more black top hats and wands for everyone.


Three Strikes, We Win

ACE girls softball team (The Eagles) are already winners in so many ways. This is the team’s fifth year and they have made quite a name for themselves. This will be the second time that they go to the CIF playoffs. Though they did not place last time, which only made them stronger and more determined to get back to the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) and win.

Since, I am softball intolerant, I had to learn a lot of new terms and lingo. So, the CIF, as I understand it is like college basketball playoffs, where you start with sixteen teams and dwindle down to the final four. Once, you have made the final four, you get to host a game and would be the first time for ACE to host. The team worked hard to get here and as of right now they are 1st in their league and 1st in division as of May 12th. One of the biggest upsets they conquered was Friday night they beat Riverside Prep 4 to 0 and was the first time for Riverside to be totally shut out. As of 5/18/14, The Eagles are first in their league, undefeated 17-0. 3rd in division and 7th in Southern California.

Head coach, Traci Davis, has been coaching these girls from day one and is there 200%. As it is an exciting time, it is also a time to say good- bye to three seniors who have also been there since the beginning, Hannah Campbell (prom queen), Ariel Annis and Alyssa Engel. Alyssa will be heading off to college and Hannah and Ariel leave the day after graduation to work at a summer camp. The good news is there were also four freshman, two sophomores and four juniors on the team, so I am sure The Eagles will be in the playoffs quite a few more times after this.
No matter the final outcome, the parents and the school and the community are ever so proud as these girls have made quite an impression in the softball world and no doubt are not stopping anytime soon.


Hoe Down Social-Lite Style

If you had your cowboy hat and boots you were line dancing at the Hoe Down of Kathy and Richard Gonzales lovely abode. It was a night of dancing, socializing and eating a catered buffet from our own “Twisted Chicken.”

Was a beautiful night to sit outside and either watch or participate in learning some various techniques of line dancing. Who knew there were so many styles? Kathy Gonzales and Arlene Johnson did as they shared their passion and knowledge of country movin. As this time, the men were privileged enough to accompany their better halves, some of them even got up and danced. So, what could Lacey Jones possibly come up with next for the Social-Lites… let’s just say ship ahoy mateys!


Pay It Forward – Save A Life

Bikers, locals, friends and family all came out to Dempsey’s to help fundraise for local Silver Lakes resident, Valerie Robertson Barrows, as her daughter has breast cancer and cannot afford the genetic testing and medical bills.

One of our local favorite bands, Shootin Jack, donated their time playing rock-n-roll all day. People stopped by listen to music, buy some raffles and eat some home made cooking and raise some money.

If that was not enough, some of the women of Silver Lakes got together to raise more money with a Zumbathon. Patty Hartog and about 40 women danced their Tutu’s off to tell cancer to take a hike. Both events raised about $1500 for Valerie’s daughter. “Thank you, this community rocks!” summed up Valerie.


Thrift Store Make Over

It looks like the show “Extreme Makeover,” came into the CSD thrift store. New carpets, paint job, signs to direct you, everything color coordinated, itemized and amazingly organized is what the thrift store looks like today. An actual department store style, but no thanks to any TV show. The employees spent a couple sleepless nights attending to every detail. As before if you asked one of the ladies where something was they could always find it for you but now you walk in and it is all visible for you. The store is open everyday from 9 to 5.


All Aboard

Want to give a congrats to all the seniors at ACE (our local school) for a successful prom and hope you new endeavors are amazing and successful. Prom was held aboard the Destiny yacht of Elctra cruises out of Newport harbor. Prom king was Ryan Torres, queen went to the lovely Hannah Campbell with the court as follows, Carlos Hernandez, Tyler Hipke, Jarret Hardy, Mackenzie Bolduc, Lisa Young and Kimberly Hubbard. Everyone looked stunning and so well behaved, all the parents should be so proud of their young adults.


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