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May 28 Meeting to Discuss Wind Turbine & Substation Projects in Apple Valley

COMMUNITY MEETING WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 6:30pm at James Woody Community Center, 13467 Navajo Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307.

A community action group has formed to protest the North Peak Wind Energy Project and the Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Projects.

Visit Facebook Page: 2 Save Our Skyline

The goal of the meeting is to help concerned residents of the entire High Desert get organized to fight these projects.

If built, the projects will have profound negative impact on all people living in the Town of Apple Valley and also in most of the unincorporated areas of Apple Valley, as well as some areas of Hesperia, Victorville, and Lucerne Valley.

About 70 giant wind turbines and the huge power towers, plus roads, and a huge substation are all part of the proposal from Southern California Edison.

A group of concerned citizens living in the Upper Milpas area of Apple Valley met on May 8 to discuss the projects and get organized with the purpose of protesting them.

They met at the offices of the Juniper Riviera Water District, and decided to get busy letting the rest of the High Desert know about the projec, with the goal of getting more people interested in protesting this invasive business proposal.

The North Peak Wind Energy Project and the Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Projects, proposed for the foothills just east of the Town of Apple Valley, should be of concern to everyone.

More and more of these huge projects are beginning to pop up everwhere in the desert, as big business targets this area for their “renewable” energy projects.

Many of these projects are appearing on BLM land with little regard for the scenic vistas and a multitude of desert wildlife that exists in these areas.

Another concern is that these projects are pushed through the system with little or no opportunity for public protest. That’s because there’s only a small area around the projects where they are required to give notification. For instance, if you’re a mile away on a hillside, with a wide open vista but your property is not within the sphere of influence of the project, you will not be notified that it is planned.

These proposed “renewable energy” projects will not only impact you today, but will effect our future generations.
If you are a local resident concerned about losing your rural way of life, having your property values lowered, enjoying and protecting our unobstructed desert skies, wildlife, native plants and animals, you need to attend this meeting.

Other factors that will be highlighted are the protection of historical Native American artifacts, archaeological, paleontological and historic mining sites. Also discussed will be protection of our rare riparian habitats, equestrian activities, backpacking, off-roading on BLM open routes, camping, and how these proposed projects would impact your ability to just enjoy spending a day visiting our beautiful desert.

Whether you live in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County proposed for this particular wind farm and substation projects, you should still be concerned about it. That’s because these projects are being “sneaked in” all over the desert. Residents of Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Barstow and beyond will all be impacted for plans being formed not between government agencies, national and state parks, and other groups.

Stopping this group of projects is of critical importance. Please visit the Facebook page 2 Save Our Skies, share the information with others, and assist in the fight to retain our rural way of life, and our unique desert heritage.

Contact the group by email at:

Attend the meeting on Saturday, May 17, 11 a.m., at Pioneer Park, 32269 Old Woman Springs Road, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356. Bring a pen, a lawn chair, and your sack lunch, and get ready to be shocked into action by the total disregard that these projects have for our pristine desert areas.

Visit Facebook Page: 2 Save Our Skyline


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  1. I’m a Lucerne Valley property owner and feel our desert is why we live here, turbines will ruin the countryside.

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