Walk for Thought Brings Brain Injury Awareness to the Public's Attention

March is Brain Injury Awareness month, and that’s why Brainstorming 4 Us chose March 29 for it’s annual Walk, Run or Roll 4 Thought. Victor Valley College was the venue for the event, which serves as a way to celebrate life and recovery, and also to honor those lost to brain injury. The event raises funds to provide services to the community for families living with brain injury. Survivors and caregivers take this opportunity to share their stories and speak about living with brain injury and the recovery process. Participants encourage the injured and their families to “never give up,” and focus on beating the odds and overcoming obstacles. The walk around the college’s lake included healthy individuals, as well as those using wheelchairs to get around. Displays and vendors were set up to give out information. For information on how you can help, visit, or call Lisa Moss at (760) 946-2481.

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