Keeping the Promise – Vote Yes on Measure G for AVFPD

By Dr. Virgil Barnes, Sun City Resident

The promise of a “Better way of Life” brought us to Apple Valley. Like many of our friends we settled here to raise a family in a community with good schools, clean air, sunny days, a fine medical center, a local fire department and a sense among those already here that this was a good place to live. Thirty plus years later, I still believe we made the right choice.

It has been a better way of life and our community has helped make that promise a reality by supporting new schools, hospitals and emergency services. As Grandparents we know the impact of good schools and as “senior citizens”, emergency medical care and quality hospitals are near the top of our “most important” list. During the past few years the Apple Valley Fire Protection District paramedics and firefighters have come to the aid of folks on my street more than once.

But that’s not all they do. They also organize health fairs, Community Emergency Preparedness Training, visits to classrooms, offer free blood pressure testing at our local fire stations and donate endless volunteer hours to community events. These are the things your local fire department does in addition to responding to your emergency calls. That’s when we need them most and are glad they are right here in our community.

In the upcoming June election, passage of Measure G will fill vacant Firefighter/Paramedics positions, reopen a closed fire station, improve response times, help maintain our current homeowner insurance rates and insure local control of your tax dollars.

I hope you will join me, my neighbors and other seniors in supporting our firefighters and paramedics with a yes vote on Measure G.



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