Barn Bash Helps Support 4H Club and Fairground Animal Pen Areas

By Gary George

The Barn Bash was held on March 15 at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in hope of raising $20-30,000 towards rebuilding the beef barn at the fairgrounds.

It was the 10th year for the Barn Bash which receives heavy support from many parts of San Bernardino County.

Michelle Johnson, horse project leader for kids 9 to 15 years old in the High Desert Mojave Greens 4H said that children learn responsibility for something other than themselves. “They learn to work, some get into the financial aspects, some learn how to teach and be trainers to animals including sheep, pigs, cows, etc.”

“Then they have to deal with the animal being sold and butchered. My daughter Melissa sticks with horses because she couldn’t deal with selling off her animal,” said Johnson.

Kathy Vanderveem, owner of Apple Valley Feed Bin put the success of Barn Bash simply. “We support the kids,” said Vanderveem.

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