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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Press Conference April 28 to Address Concealed Carry Gun Law Bill

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Holds Press Conference for
Assembly Bill 1563- Sweeping Reform of the California Concealed Carry Gun Law
Assemblyman Donnelly and the bill’s sponsor Brandon Combs, president of California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), will hold a press conference at 11:00am on Monday, April 28th in Room 444 to discuss his bill, AB 1563.

Following the landmark Ninth Circuit decision, correctly holding that the Second Amendment protects a fundamental right to bear arms for self-defense outside of our homes, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks) has introduced the most sweeping reform of California’s handgun carry license laws since their establishment in 1923.

“AB 1563 fixes California’s handgun carry license system by implementing a fair, efficient, and effective framework that eliminates the burden on local law enforcement while still requiring background checks and that licensees be law-abiding people,” said Donnelly of the bill. “What we’re doing is unwinding decades of unconstitutional laws and replacing them with a framework that respects our Second Amendment rights, bringing us in line with dozens of other states.”

Under the existing system, sheriffs and municipal chiefs of police, who each have local rules that vary widely, are empowered to issue licenses to their residents. In many cases, these local agencies fail—or outright refuse—to follow existing state law, creating a maze of different regulations riddled with discretionary abuse and unequal treatment of applicants. Some cities and counties have continued to deny law-abiding people their pre-existing right to bear arms, despite the court decisions. AB 1563 will consolidate the license processes under the state’s umbrella by establishing a single, objective standard under the jurisdiction of one issuing authority.

Brandon Combs said, “Our current system, nearly a century old, is riddled with discretionary abuse and practices that chill the exercise of rights our Founders knew to pre-exist government itself. It’s time for California to go mainstream and join the 41 other states that have a fair and objective system. AB 1563 takes California out of the civil rights Stone Age.”

“Our civil rights do not end at the city, county, or state lines. When the only people who are legally carrying in downtown Los Angeles are residents of Orange County, the system needs to be scrapped and fixed for good. AB 1563 does just that,” said Donnelly.

AB 1563 will be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.


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